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Example of a 24 valve, dual overhead camshagt (DOHC) V6

A V6 engine is a six cylinder engine, with the cylinders arranged in a "V" shape, with three on each side. The banks are often set at 60 or 90 degree angles to each other. It is one of the most compact engine configurations, as it is shorter than an inline 4-cylinder, and smaller overall than a V8. The size advantage makes it suitable for turbocharging, allowing room for items like the compressor and intercooler.

Racing useEdit

File:Mercedes V6 DTM Rennmotor 1996.png

Formula One teams who used V6 enginesEdit

Team Years
France AGS 1986
United Kingdom Benetton 19861987
Italy Ferrari 19581964, 1966, 19811988
Italy Forti 19951996
France Ligier 19841986
United States Lola 1986
United Kingdom Lotus 19831988
Italy Minardi 1986
United Kingdom McLaren 19831988
France Renault 19771985
United Kingdom Spirit 1983
United Kingdom Tyrrell 19851986
United Kingdom Williams 19831987

Note: Since 2014, all teams are using turbo-powered V6 engines.


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