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A V10 engine is a V-shaped engine, with five cylinders to a side. The design comes from the mating to two inline five cylinder engines. The configuration is not naturally balanced, and has a rocking motion, even though the five-cylinder designs were balanced. In most V10 designs, balance shafts are used for stability.

The first racing V10 was created by Alfa Romeo in 1986, but the engine was never actually used in competition. When turbocharging was outlawed after the 1988 season, both Honda and Renault saw the V10 as the optimal compromise between the compact V8 and powerful V12 designs.

Formula One teams who used V10 engines[]

Team Years
Italy Andrea Moda 1992
United Kingdom Arrows 1997
United Kingdom Benetton 19951997
United Kingdom Brabham 1992
Italy Dallara 1991
Italy Ferrari 19961997
United Kingdom Footwork 19921993
Ireland Jordan 19931997
France Ligier/Prost 19921997
United Kingdom Lotus 1994
United Kingdom March/Leyton House 19911992
United Kingdom McLaren 19891990, 19941997
United Kingdom Pacific 1994
Switzerland Sauber 19931994, 19961997
United Kingdom Stewart 1997
Italy Toro Rosso 2006
United Kingdom Tyrrell 19911996
United Kingdom Williams 19891997

Note: From 1998 to 2005, all teams used V10 engines.