Join the Formula 1 prediction game on Predictor Wiki!

At Predictor Wiki we're now hosting a Formula 1 prediction game. You can predict the results of the qualifying round and the race. You'll also join one of the 10 manufactors in the prediction game. The points you score are counted for the team you join and can make a real difference.

This weekend we start our prediction game with the Grand Prix of Catalunya, Spain. Make sure to join before the qualifying round to be able to score all points for this weekend!

Predictor Wiki is focused on bringing sports fans all over the world together. The main goal of the wiki is to organize prediction games for sports events like Formula 1, European and World Championships etc. We play for fun, not money.

We usually use the website Kicktipp for the prediction games. Kicktipp is a free to use website and registering is easy. Things we cannot organize on the website are organized on the wiki, for example on discussions. Apart from that you can meet fellow sports fans on the wiki to talk to.

Please check out the wiki, join prediction games and check back regularly for new prediction games about Formula 1 and other sports!

Link to the wiki

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