Driver Articles (since Jan. 2014)
Italy Carlo Maria Abate (Italy)
United Kingdom Kenny Acheson (United Kingdom)
United States Tony Adamowicz (United States)
United States Walt Ader (United States)
Italy Giovanna Amati (Italy)
New Zealand Chris Amon (New Zealand)
United States Michael Andretti (United States)
Italy Antonio Ascari (Italy)
Italy Lorenzo Bandini (Italy)
Hungary Zsolt Baumgartner (Hungary)
United Kingdom Henry Birkin (United Kingdom)
Italy Baconin Borzacchini (Italy)
Australia David Brabham (Australia)
Italy Vittorio Brambilla (Italy)
Germany Heinz Brendel (Germany)
United Kingdom Tony Brise (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom Tony Brooks (United Kingdom)
Brazil Luciano Burti (Brazil)
Germany Rudolf Caracciola (Germany)
Spain Dani Clos (Spain)
Romania Petre Cristea (Romania)
United States Conor Daly (United States)
Brazil Pedro Diniz (Brazil)
United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries (United Kingdom)
Czech Republic Tomáš Enge (Czech Republic)
Malaysia Fairuz Fauzy (Malaysia)
Italy Maria Teresa de Filippis (Italy)
Ireland Ralph Firman (Ireland)
France Max Fourny (France)
United Kingdom Joe Fry (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom Oliver Gavin (United Kingdom)
Italy Pietro Ghersi (Italy)
United States Richie Ginther (United States)
United Kingdom William Grover-Williams (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom Brian Hart (United Kingdom)
Germany Rudolf Hasse (Germany)
United States Bill Holland (United States)
United Kingdom Earl Howe (United Kingdom)
Japan Yuji Ide (Japan)
Russia Boris Ivanowski (Russia)
Spain Daniel Juncadella (Spain)
Switzerland Christian Kautz (Switzerland)
Italy Lella Lombardi (Italy)
Italy Pierluigi Martini (Italy)
United Kingdom Raymond Mays (United Kingdom)
Argentina Gastón Mazzacane (Argentina)
New Zealand Bruce McLaren (New Zealand)
Italy Ferdinando Minoia (Italy)
France Franck Montagny (France)
United Kingdom Max Mosley (United Kingdom)
Germany Hermann Paul Müller (Germany)
Sweden Gunnar Nilsson (Sweden)
Israel Chanoch Nissany (Israel)
Italy Tazio Nuvolari (Italy)
Brazil Carlos Pace (Brazil)
United Kingdom Mike Parkes (United Kingdom)
Germany Paul Pietsch (Germany)
France Didier Pironi (France)
Italy Ernesto Prinoth (Italy)
United Kingdom Tom Pryce (United Kingdom)*
France Raph (France)
United States Peter Revson (United States)
Mexico Pedro Rodríguez (Mexico)
Mexico Ricardo Rodríguez (Mexico)
Germany Bernd Rosemeyer (Germany)
Italy Valentino Rossi (Italy)
Canada Peter Ryan (Canada)
Italy Ludovico Scarfiotti (Italy)
France Jean-Louis Schlesser (France)
France Jo Schlesser (France)
United Kingdom Richard Seaman (United Kingdom)
United Kingdom Henry Segrave (United Kingdom)
Switzerland Jo Siffert (Switzerland)
United States Scott Speed (United States)
Germany Hans Stuck (Germany)
Japan Noritake Takahara (Japan)
Italy Gabriele Tarquini (Italy)
Finland Henri Toivonen (Finland)
United Kingdom Ken Tyrrell (United Kingdom)
Italy Achille Varzi (Italy)
Germany Manfred von Brauchitsch (Germany)
Germany Wolfgang von Trips (Germany)
United States Lee Wallard (United States)
Finland Asser Wallenius (Finland)
Canada Eppie Wietzes (Canada)
France Jean-Pierre Wimille (France)
Brazil Ricardo Zonta (Brazil)
People Articles (since Jan. 2014)
Australia Graham Beveridge (Australia)
Germany Daniel Brühl (Germany)
United Kingdom Ron Dennis (United Kingdom)
Italy Paolo Gislimberti (Italy)
United Kingdom Christian Horner (United Kingdom)
Ireland Eddie Jordan (Ireland)
India Vijay Mallya (India)
Austria Franz Tost (Austria)
United Kingdom Ken Tyrrell (United Kingdom
South Africa Jansen van Vuuren (South Africa)
Grand Prix Articles (since Apr. 2014)
Belgium 1935 Belgian Grand Prix
Germany 1935 German Grand Prix
United Kingdom 1955 British Grand Prix
United States 1971 Questor Grand Prix
Australia 1986 Australian Grand Prix
Europe 1999 European Grand Prix
United Kingdom 2001 Donington Park Two-Seater Grand Prix
Places I have been to
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg GBR
Cardiff, Chelmsford, Colchester, Dartford, Finchingfield, Gt. Yarmouth, Happisburgh, Hull, London, Mersea, Peterborough, Silverstone, Welwyn Garden City
Flag of Ireland.svg IRE
Ennis, Galway, Limerick, Wexford
Flag of Portugal.svg POR
Almancil, Cabanas, Faro, Tavira

I'm also an artist

This is a speed painting of the beautiful Susie Wolff in all her Williams glory that I did today - well, not technically, I used SketchUp for the body then painted over it, adding facial features;

Susie Wolff.jpg

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