The United States of America (commonly known as the United States, the U.S., the U.S.A., America and the States) is a country in North America. It is the third largest country in population, and either third or fourth in size, in the world.

It has hosted many Grands Prix, including the United States Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500, the United States Grand Prix West, the Detroit Grand Prix, the Dallas Grand Prix and the Caesars Palace Grand Prix.

The country has produced two Formula One World Champions: the 1961 champion, Phil Hill, and Mario Andretti, who won the title in 1978.

Circuits in the United StatesEdit

Circuit Location Events Map
Caesars Palace Circuit Paradise, Nevada Caesars Palace Grand Prix: 1981–1982 GoogleMaps
Circuit of the Americas Elroy, Texas United States Grand Prix: 2012–present GoogleMaps
Detroit Street Circuit Detroit, Michigan Detroit Grand Prix: 1982–1988 GoogleMaps
Fair Park street circuit Dallas, Texas Dallas Grand Prix: 1984 GoogleMaps
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Speedway, Indiana Indianapolis 500: 1950–1960
United States Grand Prix: 2000–2007
Long Beach street circuit Long Beach, California United States Grand Prix West: 1976–1983 GoogleMaps
Phoenix Street Circuit Phoenix, Arizona United States Grand Prix: 1989–1991 GoogleMaps
Riverside International Raceway Riverside (now Moreno Valley), California United States Grand Prix: 1960 GoogleMaps
Sebring International Raceway Sebring, Florida United States Grand Prix: 1959 GoogleMaps
Watkins Glen International Watkins Glen, New York United States Grand Prix: 1961–1980 GoogleMaps

Grands Prix held in the United StatesEdit

Statistics correct up to end of 2019 Formula One season.

A total of 70 Formula One Grands Prix have been held in the United States under 6 different titles, at ten different venues.

Note: entries in tables with a pink background indicate pre-1950 events which predate the World Championship. Yellow background indicates a post-1950 event not part of the World Championship.

United States Grand PrixEdit

The United States Grand Prix is the only US event currently on the calendar. It is currently held at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.

United States Grand Prix results
Year Circuit Winning Driver Winning Constructor Report
1908 SavannahFrance Louis WagnerItaly FiatReport
1910 SavannahUnited States David Bruce-BrownGermany BenzReport
1911 SavannahUnited States David Bruce-BrownItaly FiatReport
1912 MilwaukeeUnited States Caleb BraggItaly FiatReport
1914 Santa MonicaUnited StatesEddie PullenUnited States MercerReport
1915 San FranciscoUnited Kingdom Dario RestaFrance PeugeotReport
1916 Santa MonicaUnited States Howdy Wilcox
United States Johnny Aitken
France PeugeotReport
1958 RiversideUnited States Chuck DaighUnited States Scarab-ChevroletReport
1959 SebringNew Zealand Bruce McLarenUnited Kingdom Cooper-ClimaxReport
1960 RiversideUnited Kingdom Stirling MossUnited Kingdom Lotus-ClimaxReport
1961 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Innes IrelandUnited Kingdom Lotus-ClimaxReport
1962 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Jim ClarkUnited Kingdom Lotus-ClimaxReport
1963 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Graham HillUnited Kingdom BRMReport
1964 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Graham HillUnited Kingdom BRMReport
1965 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Graham HillUnited Kingdom BRMReport
1966 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Jim ClarkUnited Kingdom Lotus-BRMReport
1967 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Jim ClarkUnited Kingdom Lotus-FordReport
1968 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Jackie StewartFrance Matra-FordReport
1969 Watkins GlenAustria Jochen RindtUnited Kingdom Lotus-FordReport
1970 Watkins GlenBrazil Emerson FittipaldiUnited Kingdom Lotus-FordReport
1971 Watkins GlenFrance François CevertUnited Kingdom Tyrrell-FordReport
1972 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom Jackie StewartUnited Kingdom Tyrrell-FordReport
1973 Watkins GlenSweden Ronnie PetersonUnited Kingdom Lotus-FordReport
1974 Watkins GlenArgentina Carlos ReutemannUnited Kingdom Brabham-FordReport
1975 Watkins GlenAustria Niki LaudaItaly FerrariReport
1976 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom James HuntUnited Kingdom McLaren-FordReport
1977 Watkins GlenUnited Kingdom James HuntUnited Kingdom McLaren-FordReport
1978 Watkins GlenArgentina Carlos ReutemannItaly FerrariReport
1979 Watkins GlenCanada Gilles VilleneuveItaly FerrariReport
1980 Watkins GlenAustralia Alan JonesUnited Kingdom Williams-FordReport
1989 Phoenix France Alain Prost United Kingdom McLaren-Honda Report
1990 Phoenix Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom McLaren-Honda Report
1991 Phoenix Brazil Ayrton Senna United Kingdom McLaren-Honda Report
2000 IndianapolisGermany Michael SchumacherItaly FerrariReport
2001 IndianapolisFinland Mika HäkkinenUnited Kingdom McLaren-MercedesReport
2002 IndianapolisBrazil Rubens BarrichelloItaly FerrariReport
2003 IndianapolisGermany Michael SchumacherItaly FerrariReport
2004 IndianapolisGermany Michael SchumacherItaly FerrariReport
2005 IndianapolisGermany Michael SchumacherItaly FerrariReport
2006 IndianapolisGermany Michael SchumacherItaly FerrariReport
2007 IndianapolisUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom McLaren-MercedesReport
2012 AustinUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonUnited Kingdom McLaren-MercedesReport
2013 AustinGermany Sebastian VettelAustria Red Bull-RenaultReport
2014 AustinUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonGermany MercedesReport
2015 AustinUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonGermany MercedesReport
2016 AustinUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonGermany MercedesReport
2017 AustinUnited Kingdom Lewis HamiltonGermany MercedesReport
2018 AustinFinland Kimi RäikkönenItaly FerrariReport
2019 AustinFinland Valtteri BottasGermany MercedesReport

Indianapolis 500Edit

The Indianapolis 500 was part of the Formula One World Championship from 1950 to 1960 inclusive. All races were held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval course.

Formula One Indianapolis 500 results
1950 IndianapolisUnited States Johnnie ParsonsUnited States Kurtis Kraft-OffenhauserReport
1951 IndianapolisUnited States Lee WallardUnited States Kurtis Kraft-OffenhauserReport
1952 IndianapolisUnited States Troy RuttmanUnited States Kuzma-OffenhauserReport
1953 IndianapolisUnited States Bill VukovichUnited States Kurtis Kraft-OffenhauserReport
1954 IndianapolisUnited States Bill VukovichUnited States Kurtis Kraft-OffenhauserReport
1955 IndianapolisUnited States Bob SweikertUnited States Kurtis Kraft-OffenhauserReport
1956 IndianapolisUnited States Pat FlahertyUnited States Watson-OffenhauserReport
1957 IndianapolisUnited States Sam HanksUnited States Salih-OffenhauserReport
1958 IndianapolisUnited States Jimmy BryanUnited States Salih-OffenhauserReport
1959 IndianapolisUnited States Rodger WardUnited States Watson-OffenhauserReport
1960 IndianapolisUnited States Jim RathmannUnited States Watson-OffenhauserReport

Caesars Palace Grand PrixEdit

In 1981 and 1982, a Grand Prix was held in the expansive parking lot of the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.

Caesars Palace Grand Prix results
1981 Caesars PalaceAustralia Alan JonesUnited Kingdom Williams-FordReport
1982 Caesars PalaceItaly Michele AlboretoUnited Kingdom Tyrrell-FordReport

Detroit Grand PrixEdit

From 1982 to 1988, an event was held on public roads in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Grand Prix results
1982 DetroitUnited Kingdom John WatsonUnited Kingdom McLaren-FordReport
1983 DetroitItaly Michele AlboretoUnited Kingdom Tyrrell-FordReport
1984 DetroitBrazil Nelson PiquetUnited Kingdom Brabham-BMWReport
1985 DetroitFinland Keke RosbergUnited Kingdom Williams-HondaReport
1986 DetroitBrazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom Lotus-RenaultReport
1987 DetroitBrazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom Lotus-HondaReport
1988 DetroitBrazil Ayrton SennaUnited Kingdom McLaren-HondaReport

Dallas Grand PrixEdit

The Dallas Grand Prix, run on the Fair Park Street Circuit, was a round of the 1984 Formula One season.

Dallas Grand Prix results
1984 DallasFinland Keke RosbergUnited Kingdom Williams-HondaReport

United States Grand Prix WestEdit

The Long Beach Street Circuit, Long Beach, California held Formula One Grands Prix from 1976 to 1983 as the United States Grand Prix West.

United States Grand Prix West results
1976 Long BeachSwitzerland Clay RegazzoniItaly FerrariReport
1977 Long BeachUnited States Mario AndrettiUnited Kingdom Lotus-Ford CosworthReport
1978 Long BeachArgentina Carlos ReutemannItaly FerrariReport
1979 Long BeachCanada Gilles VilleneuveItaly FerrariReport
1980 Long BeachBrazil Nelson PiquetUnited Kingdom Brabham-Ford CosworthReport
1981 Long BeachAustralia Alan JonesUnited Kingdom Williams-Ford CosworthReport
1982 Long BeachAustria Niki LaudaUnited Kingdom McLaren-Ford CosworthReport
1983 Long BeachUnited Kingdom John WatsonUnited Kingdom McLaren-Ford CosworthReport

World Championship driversEdit

Note: this list does not include drivers whose World Championship entries consist solely of those in the Indianapolis 500 between 1950 and 1960. Those who did race in the Indy 500 between 1950 and 1960, as well as other non-Indy 500 rounds of the Championship are denoted with an asterisk (*).

World ChampionsEdit


Point scorersEdit



Indianapolis 500 driversEdit

Note: This list consists of drivers who only entered in the Indianapolis 500 between 1950 and 1960 and in no other World Championship races. Those who raced in both are listed above and denoted with an asterisk. Only drivers who won between 1950 and 1960 are listed as winners, those who competed between those years but won in other years (before 1950 or after 1960) are not listed as winners.


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Television CoverageEdit

Years Channel Notes
20132017 NBC / NBC Sports Select races shown on NBC; all other races, qualifying sessions and select practice sessions on NBC Sports
2018-Present ABC / ESPN / ESPN2 Details TBA


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