The car was pioneering in being the first car with a raised nose cone. The concept's creator, Harvey Postlethwaite named it the "Dihedral Wing".

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Postlethwaite noted "the whole of the monocoque is raised up to invite air to pass underneath the car. Which is somewhat different to a normal racing car which will seem to want to tip air over the top of the car. By getting the car to go underneath and go around and under the sidepods, making that air go very faster we can create a much greater suction than sucking the car onto the ground and therefore making it go around the corners quicker."
  • "I think when we first saw it in the press when the car was first announced, John, we thought it wouldn't stay on the car for this race but it really is working." - Andrew Marriot. Eurosport. Second Qualifying. 1990 San Marino Grand Prix.
  • "Yes it does work, I thought it was an April Fool's Joke rather late in April but it is so different to anything else we've seen on a racing car. And for Tyrrell to come up with something really revolutionary like this at this particular part of the year really did catch people off guard. " John Watson. Eurosport. Saturday Qualifying. 1990 San Marino Grand Prix.

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