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Tooned is an animated series produced by McLaren, starring Jenson Button, Sergio Pérez and Alexander Armstrong. It was aired on Sky Sports F1 before the start of each Formula One race.

It premiered on 8 July 2012, on the weekend of the British Grand Prix. So far, four series have been produced, the final two mainly by Mobil 1. The next episode was uploaded on 22 October 2016, with the first appearance of Fernando Alonso.[1]

Series 1[]

The first series starred ex-McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton, and ran for 12 episodes, beginning at the British Grand Prix and ending at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Hamilton was written out of the series in the last episode of the season, reflecting his real-life departure to Mercedes. After an accident in the McLaren simulator, Button was unscathed, but Hamilton emerged from the machine as Pérez.


Series 2: Tooned 50[]

The second season, branded as Tooned 50, focused on the team's 50th Anniversary year, and was much shorter, with only 8 episodes produced. Again, the season began at the British Grand Prix weekend. This was the first season with Sergio Pérez as a main character.

This series also saw the début of the Mechanic with No Name, a little old Scotsman voiced by Brian Cox, telling the stories of McLaren world champions such as Prost, Häkkinen and Senna.

Two "making of" episodes were released, as was an additional episode called "The Art of Tooned".


Series 3: Tooned 2013[]

The third set of Tooned episodes were released in late 2013. Containing six episodes and starring Professor M, Button, Pérez and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, the series explained how Mobil 1's oil is vital to an driver. The videos were posted to Mobil 1's YouTube account.


Series 4: TOONED 2014 presents "Mobil 1 Oil: An Odyssey"[]

The fourth series began in early 2014, with Kevin Magnussen making his debut after Pérez departed McLaren. Armstrong and Button will reprise their roles. Again in partnership with Mobil 1 Oil, the series contains three episodes; three parts of the Mobil 1 Oil odyssey. The series was uploaded on Mobil 1's YouTube channel.

Five behind the scenes videos were released, two on McLaren's channel; a combined episode was also released.


TOONED Special Edition: #Hunt40[]

After over two years, a special episode was released on 22 October 2016 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of James Hunt's championship win in 1976. Button reprised his role while Fernando Alonso made his debut, and archive recordings of Tom Hunt, Armstrong and Murray Walker were used during stock footage from "The James Hunt Story". Stoffel Vandoorne made a cameo at the end, telling Button and Alonso through the radio about a secret mission.[1] It was uploaded on McLaren's YouTube channel.





  • In Series 2 Episode 7, Mika Häkkinen is revealed to be a super driver from the planet Sisu, derived from the Finnish word for 'strength'. It is his second appearance in the series.
  • Martin Brundle and David Coulthard appear in the McLaren Hall of Fame despite neither being world champions nor having a speaking role in Tooned. Perhaps it is because they have had long and successful careers in Formula One. Additionally, Jenson Button appears in the Hall of Fame, even though he was actually racing for Brawn when he became world champion in 2009.
  • In Series 1 Episode 5, Professor M reveals himself as a former racer, losing out to a German rival (partly based on Sebastian Vettel).
  • Concept art for a number of drivers, one of them being Niki Lauda, were made by Framestore, but Lauda himself didn't appear in the series due to his managerial role in Mercedes at the time. He was instead replaced with a character named Lautfinger, a thinly-veiled parody of him.

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