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The following is a non-exhaustive list of Formula One drivers past and present. Red-links haven't been started yet. Blue-links exist but may still need work.

If you come across a driver article without a career results template, please mark it with the category "Project Career Results" so that the members of Project Career Results can add one.

Article design[]

Driver pages should have an {{Infobox Driver}} (with capital D), a short intro, then as much career detail as possible. Required parameters for the infobox can be found at {{Infobox Driver/doc}}.

Following this, an F1 career history, statistics and race wins (if applicable).

Then, their career results.

To end the article, a list of websites (such as their personal website and their page on Wikipedia; and if info is taken from Manipe F1, the driver's page on Manipe F1 [without the year] should be listed in the external links), followed by a list of categories (Such as their teams, themselves, etc...), and a Defaultsort.

Examples: Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Jochen Rindt.

A preload template exists for these pages – on starting a new page, click the "Drivers" button at the top of the edit window and fill in the blanks.

Order of Importance[]

  • World Champions
  • Current Drivers
  • Successful drivers (i.e. runners-up and third place in WDC)
  • Other notable drivers (i.e. winners, drivers who succumbed in fatal accidents)
  • Point-scorers
  • The rest of the drivers

List of drivers[]


Name Priority Notes
Michael Schumacher Very High The article has got relatively complete statistics and a strong introduction. However, in terms of written content, this article is severely lacking, good information following his ski accident. However, there is no content at all at this stage on his Formula One career. For one of F1's most famous figures, this certainly needs to be addressed.
Jenson Button High Statistical information complete. Article has a relatively small career overview, but this is still better than a lot of articles. Whilst it does contain some content, the article needs to be expanded heavily. Button's career overview is little more than what should be considered a big introduction. Considering he is a current driver and a champion, focus should be placed on reconstructing this article.
Mika Häkkinen High Apart from a brief intro, there is no text at all. Work should be applied to at least giving Häkkinen an overview of his career, especially for one of F1's most significant racers in the past 20 years.
Alain Prost High Another of F1's most famous champions, priority should be given to reconstructing this article. Intro is fine and stats are complete, yet once again no written text. This should be addressed even if at this stage it is just a summary of his career like the Button article. 
Fernando Alonso Medium The article has complete statistics, a strong intro and a reasonable written component. The 2012-2013 season overview is largely complete, but there is nothing on the 2014 season. Also, whole chunks of his career are missing whilst some seasons have very little detail. With a bit of work, this article is coming close to being of a high standard.
Mario Andretti Medium An alright intro, complete stats. Once again no text in the career overview. 
Jack Brabham Medium Contains a strong intro, complete stats. No written text in career overview.
Emerson Fittipaldi Medium Contains a strong intro and complete statistics, however once again no written text in his career overview. Once again, an article in need of text.
Graham Hill Medium Statistics complete, but absolutely no text apart from a very brief intro. Article is definitely in need in content at some stage, but priortise contemporary champions first.
Niki Lauda Medium As one of F1's most famous drivers and current chairman of Mercedes, priority should be given to this article. However, the article does contain a brief summary of his career and complete stats. However, at least the article does have some written content, in need of expansion though.
Nigel Mansell Medium Statistics are complete and intro could be expanded upon. The article contains written text that provides a brief season by season summary of Mansell's career. Whilst this does need to be expanded upon significantly, at this point is not a high priority. A reasonable article, however, still needs a text overhaul at some stage.
Nelson Piquet Medium Contains a strong intro and complete stats, however once again no written text in his career summary.
Kimi Räikkönen Medium The article is statistically complete, contains a strong intro and goes into heavy detail into his first three F1 seasons. Unfortunately, this is as far as the article goes, and contains no information on his later career. If completed, the article could be one of the strongest written articles on the wiki.
Jacques Villeneuve Medium Article has a strong intro and complete statistics, however once again has no written text about his career. Work should begin on this soon. 
Ayrton Senna Low A highly informative article, complete statistics, strong introduction and a very heavily detailed driver biography without going into too much detail. Personally (Randomg), I think that the article needs expansion in the 1985-1987, 1989 and 1991-1992 summaries, but this is only a very minor criticism and shouldn't be considered a priority.