Welcome to The Formula 1 Wiki's Frequently Asked Questions page! It is currently incomplete but more questions and answers will be added in due course.

General questionsEdit

What is The Formula 1 Wiki?Edit

We at the F1 Wiki are the free source of knowledge of the world's greatest sport, Formula One, and on Grand Prix motor racing. We aim to the largest, most in-depth, most up-to-date and most informative encyclopedia on the sport.
Right now, however, we are a work in progress, and we'd like your help in order to make our dream a reality.
For more information, see the About page.

Who owns The Formula 1 Wiki?Edit

Short answer: It's complicated. Long answer: We're hosted by FANDOM (formerly Wikia), a for-profit organisation who receive ad revenue from the adverts on the pages. But all contributions are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA. It can be reused anywhere as long as you attribute the editors and share your new content under the CC-BY-SA as well.

Do you have a disclaimer and a Parent Page?Edit

Yes to both; see the General disclaimer and the Parent Page.

Which dialect of English is the F1 Wiki in?Edit

If the article relates to a subject from an English-speaking country (e.g. Lewis Hamilton), whichever dialect the article relates to.
If not from an English-speaking country (e.g. Fernando Alonso), then the specific dialect doesn't matter as long as there is in-article consistency.

What is the colour scheme about?Edit

Firstly, the official F1 website uses a black and red colour scheme.
Secondly, the grey background represents the tarmac a race track. Yes, really.

What about the logo?Edit

We originally used the actual F1 logo... until we got a DMCA takedown claim by Formula One World Championship Limited, after which it was understood that we were breaching copyright law and we declined to appeal.
Following from that faux pas, a new logo was designed and implemented, and unlike the colour scheme, has no uninteresting meaning.

Why is the "T" in "The" captilised in the full name of the Wiki?Edit

We would tell you to ask the creator but he hasn't edited since he started the wiki in March 2007. We don't know, but we're stuck with it. Just call us the "F1 Wiki" or the "F1 Wikia".