This is the Community Portal, where you can find general guidelines, hints and tips for helping this wiki.

General Notes[edit source]

  • We have a general disclaimer.
  • Before you edit on this wiki, can you take a look around, and get a feel for this wiki's style. We are currently undergoing a lot of change, be wary of these changes.
  • To help you, we currently have a Manual of Style in development.
  • The notability guidelines are somewhat small but specific. Anything that was involved in F1 in some sort or affected the sport is likely to be allowed an article. Pre-championship articles will be considered in a similar fashion.
  • Try to avoid copying from Wikipedia. This is its own wiki, and is meant to be different from Wikipedia. Use it by all means, but please use your own words or do stuff in your own style.
  • If you want to create a useful page, do it, it is better than not having the article. But unnecessary vandalism and unnecessary articles will be deleted, so check before you create the article.
  • The admins will tidy up your work – so if you are not too sure if something you are writing looks good, do not worry, we will sort it out for you, and do not feel offended if we rewrite your work, for we are trying to make a consistent encyclopedia.
  • You can test things out on the sandbox, or you can make your own.
  • Vote for featured articles here.
  • Have fun!

Administrators[edit source]

Most important articles and templates to be kept updated[edit source]

Projects[edit source]

Projects are manuals of style, to-do lists, list of articles and exemplar articles for the wiki. So far, only six have been started. Any new project ideas can be suggested here, and the available talk page banners are stored here.

Completed Projects[edit source]

Currently ongoing projects[edit source]

Future Projects[edit source]

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