{{Infobox Driver
|name = <!--Driver name.  Defaults to PAGENAME-->
|image = <!--Full link to image, including size parameter-->
|birth date = <!--Full birthdate using {{Birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd}} if
driver is still alive.  Otherwise use {{Birth date|yyyy|mm|dd}}. (Do not use
|birthplace = <!--Place of birth-->
|death date = <!--date of death (if deceased) using {{Death date and age|year
of death|month of death|day of death|year of birth|month of birth|day of birth}}-->
|placeofdeath = <!--Place of death (if deceased)-->
|nationality = <!--Nationality, using {{Flag|...}}-->
|status = <!--Active, Retired or Deceased-->
|years = <!--The Years That The Driver Has Raced-->
|currentteam = <!-- Current team (if relevant)-->
|currentcar = <!--Driver's current car number (if relevant)-->
|teams = <!--Teams previously driven for--->
|firstrace = <!--Link to driver's first race-->
|lastrace = <!--Link to last race.  Use {{Latest GP}} for current drivers-->
|firstwin = <!--Link to first win (if applicable)-->
|lastwin = <!--Link to last win (if applicable)-->
|2020Position = <!--Position in the 2012 Drivers' Championship (if applicable)-->
|2020Pts = <!--Number of points in 2012 Drivers' Championship (if applicable)-->


{{Infobox Driver
|name =
|image =
|birth date =
|birthplace = 
|death date =
|placeofdeath =
|nationality =
|status =
|years = 
|currentteam =
|currentcar = 
|teams = 
|firstrace = 
|firstwin = 
|lastrace = 
|lastwin = 
|2020Position = 
|2020Pts = 



{{Infobox Driver
|name = Manfred Winkelhock
|image = [[File:ManfredWinkelhock.png|240px]]
|birth date = {{birth date|1951|10|6}}
|birthplace = Waiblingen, Germany
|death date = {{death date and age|1985|8|12|1951|10|6}}
|placeofdeath = Toronto, Ontario, Canada
|nationality = {{Flag|GER}}
|years = {{F1|1980}}, {{F1|1982}}-{{F1|1985}}
|status = Deceased
|currentteam = 
|currentcar = 
|teams = {{Arrows-CON}} ({{F1|1980}}) <br /> {{ATS (Germany)-CON}} 
({{F1|1982}}–{{F1|1984}}) <br /> {{Brabham-CON}} ({{F1|1984}}) 
<br /> {{RAM-CON}} ({{F1|1985}})
|firstrace = [[1980 Italian Grand Prix]]
|firstwin = 
|lastrace = [[1985 German Grand Prix]]
|lastwin = 
|2020Postion = 
|2020Pts = 


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