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Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1st Winner Ret Retired
2nd Podium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5th Points finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14th Non-points finish TD Test driver
Italics Scored point(s) for Fastest Lap DNS Did not start
18th Classified finish (retired with >90% race distance) NC Non-classified finish (<90% race distance)
4thP Qualified for pole position [+] More Symbols

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Symbol Wikitext Meaning
1st {{1st}} First place
2nd {{2nd}} Second place
3rd {{3rd}} Third place
4th {{4th}} Fourth place
5th {{5th}} Fifth place
6th {{6th}} Sixth place
7th {{7th}} Seventh place
8th {{8th}} Eight place
9th {{9th}} Ninth place
10th {{10th}} Tenth place
11th {{11th}} Eleventh place
12th {{12th}} Twelfth place
NC {{NC}} Not classified (finished, but completed less than 90% of race distance)
Ret {{Ret}} Retired
DSQ {{DSQ}} Disqualified
DNS {{DNS}} Did not start
DNQ {{DNQ}} Did not qualify
DNPQ {{DNPQ}} Did not pre-qualify
TD {{TD}} Drove in free practice (tested) but did not race
EXC {{EXC}} Excluded
Exc {{Exc}} Optional excluded (preferable to use above option)
BAN {{Ban}} Banned (black border surrounds whole cell)
WD {{WD}} Withdrew
C {{Canc}} Race cancelled
P {{Postponed}} Race postponed
DNA {{DNA}} Did not arrive (but had entered race)
DNP {{DNP}} Did not practice
PO {{PO}} Practiced only, but was entered for the race
ILL {{Ill}} Did not enter due to illness
INJ {{Inj}} Did not enter due to injury
Italics {{position|fl}} Scored point(s) for fastest lap
Indicates a driver was still classified despite retiring as they had completed 90% of the race distance.
A red background represents as rewarding half points.
2ndP Qualified for pole position

Note: The points templates are only to be used when referring to a points-paying race position. The {{11th}} and {{12th}} templates are only used in reference to one race, the 1969 German Grand Prix, in which Formula Two drivers finished from 5th to 10th, and were ineligible for points, and the 11th- and 12th-placed drivers scored the final two points.

European Championship

The colours in the Career Results tables for the European Championship represent the points scored and not the position. As a result, some additional templates are required.

All templates used are to be used in accordance with common consensus for the results (i.e. Wikipedia or Leif Snellman's site. Do not, for example, use the standard "Ret" template above, rather, the correct template below.

Symbol Wikitext Meaning Distance covered
7th {{7th 50-75}} Seventh place 50%–75%
8th {{8th 50-75}} Eighth place 50%–75%
9th {{9th 50-75}} Ninth place 50%–75%
10th {{10th 50-75}} Tenth place 50%–75%
13th {{13th}} Thirteenth place 75%+
14th {{14th}} Fourteenth place 75%+
Ret {{Ret 75+}} Retired. 75%+
Ret {{Ret 50-75}} Retired. 50%–75%
Ret {{Ret 25-50}} Retired. 25%–50%
Ret {{Ret 0-25}} Retired. 0%–25%
NC {{NC 50-75}} Not classified. 50%–75%