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South Africa is a larger country at the southern tip of Africa. While it has one of the largest populations and economies in Africa, it also has had a troubled history in race relations, with non-whites subject to legal discrimination and persecution for most of the 20th century (known as apartheid). These policies ended in the 1990s, with a black-majority government taking control of the republic.

South Africa was able to hold a number of Formula One events in the past, due to a virtual monopoly on the diamond trade, and keeping their currency artificially high. With the spread of diamond mining around the world, and releasing the currency to follow market patterns, the country is no longer able to afford to host a Grand Prix. The hope is that future growth in the local economy will enable the events to return.

South African Formula One Drivers[]

World Champions[]


Point scorers[]



South African Constructors[]

Circuits in South Africa[]

Circuit Location Times Races
Kyalami Circuit Midrand, Gauteng 26 1961–1965, 1967–1985, 1992–1993
Westmead Circuit Pinetown, Durban 2 1961–1962
Prince George Circuit East London, Eastern Cape 5 1961–1963, 1965–1966

Events in South Africa[]

  • Natal Grand Prix (1961–1962)
  • Rand Grand Prix (1961–1965)
  • South African Grand Prix (1961–1963, 1965–1985, 1992–1993)