THE Solitudering is a former temporary road circuit, in the forest just west of Stuttgart. The area hosted racing events for a number of years, but only hosted Formula 1 races from 1961 to 1964. Racing was then abandoned in favor of upgrades to the Hockenheimring, 60 km away.

Circuit HistoryEdit

Racing in the area around Solitude Castle started with hillclimbs in the mid 1900s.

Circuit LayoutsEdit

Previous LayoutsEdit


Event historyEdit

The following is a list of Formula One non-championship events held at the Solitudering circuit:

Year Event Winning Driver Winning Constructor
1961 Solitude Grand Prix United Kingdom Innes Ireland United Kingdom Lotus-Climax
1962 Solitude Grand Prix United States Dan Gurney Germany Porsche
1963 Solitude Grand Prix Australia Jack Brabham United Kingdom Brabham-Climax
1964 Solitude Grand Prix United Kingdom Jim Clark United Kingdom Lotus-Climax


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