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THE Solitudering is a former temporary road circuit, in the forest just west of Stuttgart. The area hosted racing events for a number of years, but only hosted Formula 1 races from 1961 to 1964. Racing was then abandoned in favor of upgrades to the Hockenheimring, 60 km away. A revival event has been hosted since 2003 at the same venue. This event sees several classic cars from F1 and other series.

Circuit History[]

Racing in the area around Solitude Castle started in 1903 with a 4km hillclimb course[1].in 1906 the layout of the Hillclimb track would be changed, increasing the length to 7km.[1]

In 1925 a street track would replace the pre-existing hillclimb. This layout would be over 22km long and most of the previous hillclimb route was used. in 1931 the track would be made shorter. Unlike other versions of the track it would be ran Clockwise. The 1931 layout was almost 20km long.

The most well known version of the layout was first used in 1935. this layout would be made of sections of both the 1925 and 1931 Layouts. unlike the previous layouts the track did not pass the Solitude castle. The 1935 Layout was 11.4km. Racing would be stopped in 1965 after the ministry of internal affairs declared the track unsafe.[2]

In 2003 a Revival layout would be created arround the Castle. In 2004 the revival would use a 0.6km layout near to the orriginal track[1]. In 2011 the track would run a 11.7km layout for the revival which used the roads most accurately resembling the 1935-1965 layout[3].

Because this is a street track most of the layout can still be driven.

Circuit Layouts[]

Previous Layouts[]


Event history[]

The following is a list of Formula One non-championship events held at the Solitudering circuit:

Year Event Winning Driver Winning Constructor
1961 Solitude Grand Prix United Kingdom Innes Ireland United Kingdom Lotus-Climax
1962 Solitude Grand Prix United States Dan Gurney Germany Porsche
1963 Solitude Grand Prix Australia Jack Brabham United Kingdom Brabham-Climax
1964 Solitude Grand Prix United Kingdom Jim Clark United Kingdom Lotus-Climax


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