Shadow Racing Cars was a United States Formula One constructor. The team was founded by Don Nichols.



Prior to Formula One World ChampionshipEdit

Shadow Racing started life as AVS (Advanced Vehicle Systems) in 1968. They decided to build cars for the CanAm series, and despite the corporate name, the cars were called "Shadows". Built in southern California, the first Shadow (the Mark I) had a seven liter V8 stuffed into a chassis not much larger than a go kart. The car made its debut in the 1970 season, where it was often blindingly fast, but the shoestring budget meant that the chassis was unsorted, and had a number of mechanical problems. They also had issues with scrutineering, when they tried to place the radiator within the rear wing, but the stewards kept ruling that was a violation.

The team was back in 1971 with the Mark II. This was more of a conventional chassis, with the radiators in normal locations, just ahead of the rear wheels. They did spend some time in a wind tunnel, resulting in a very aerodynamic chassis, and an adjustable front wing between the front wheels. But the team was not able to spend much time sorting the car, and the best that they could manage were a few top 5 finishes.

During this season, the team did find a primary sponsor in Universal Oil Products (UOP), a pioneer in catalytic converters and lead-free petroleum products. One of the selling points to the sponsor was a planned move into Formula One. This arrangement would last through the 1975 season, when the UOP management decided that the sponsorship deal was no longer providing benefits.

Formula One World ChampionshipEdit









Driver FatalitiesEdit

Peter Revson (1974)Edit

Peter Revson was killed during a test session for the 1974 South African Grand Prix. Revson's car suffered a front suspension failure causing the car to crash into the Armco barrier of "Barbecue Bend".

Revson was then replaced by Tom Pryce.

Tom Pryce (1977)Edit

Tom Pryce was killed on lap 21 of the 1977 South African Grand Prix. After the car of Renzo Zorzi caught fire in the final turn, two fire marshals were crossing the track. Pryce was driving directly behind Hans Joachim Stuck and did not see the marshals on the track. Pryce struck the second marshal, killing himself and the marshal. The 40lb fire extinguisher that the marshal was carrying struck Pryce's head, partially decapitating him.

Pryce's car traveled down the straight away. It came to a rest in Crowthorne corner, after colliding with Jacques Laffite at extremely high speeds.

Key PersonnelEdit

Position Name Nationality
Founder and owner Don Nichols United States
Management Jackie Oliver United Kingdom
Team Principal Alan Rees United Kingdom
Designer Peter Bryant United States
Designer Tony Southgate United Kingdom
Mechanic Jo Ramírez Mexico
Driver George Follmer United States
Driver Peter Revson United States
Driver Jean-Pierre Jarier France
Driver Tom Pryce United Kingdom
Driver Alan Jones Australia
Driver Clay Regazzoni Switzerland
Driver Elio de Angelis Italy

Formula One RecordEdit

Team NamesEdit

Years Name
1968 - 1972 Advanced Vehicle Systems
1973 - 1980 Shadow Racing Cars

F1 SummaryEdit

YearEntrantEngineTyreDriversRoundsWCC PtsWCC PosTest driversReport

List of race winsEdit

Win Number Event Driver
1 Austria 1977 Austrian Grand Prix Australia Alan Jones


Entries 112
Starts 109
Pole Positions 3
Race Wins 1
Podiums 7
Fastest laps 2
Points 67.5
Laps Raced 9134
Distance Raced 43 695 km (Expression error: Unexpected number. mi)
Laps Led 50
Distance Led 335 km (208 mi)
Doubles 0
Hat-Tricks 0
Grand Chelems 0

Complete Formula One ResultsEdit

Main article: Shadow Racing Cars/Results


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