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Scuderia Milano, known as Milano, was an Italian former constructor, engine manufacturer and team who competed in the early years of the sport. The marque was founded in 1948 by the Ruggeri brothers, Arnaldo and Arialdo.

They initially began using heavily modified Maserati machinery with Milano engines, before building their own car, the Milano 1, with little success. They also entered standard Maseratis for their final race in 1953.

The team scored points once, with a fifth place at the 1950 Swiss Grand Prix. The Milano chassis was eventually sold and formed the basis of the Arzani-Volpini Special that appeared in 1955.

Formula 1 World Championship[]


The team bought a pair of Maserati 4CLT/48s and modified them by shortening the wheelbase and introducing drum brakes, the revised chassis known as the 4CLT/50. The team entered both the British and Monaco Grand Prix, with Felice Bonetto and Clemente Biondetti respectively named as drivers, but failed to attend both races.

The 4CLT/50 therefore made its race debut at the Swiss Grand Prix with Bonetto at the wheel. The Italian qualified twelveth, ahead of three of the unmodified Maserati cars, and despite refuelling issues finished in the points with fifth place. A new engine, designed by Mario Speluzzi, was put into the car ahead of the following race. Strongly based on the Maserati engine that originally featured in the car, the engine was referred to as both a Milano and a Speluzzi engine.

The engine proved unreliable as engine troubles eliminated Bonetto in France after 15 laps, with Franco Comotti suffering the same fate at the final round in Italy. A brand new chassis, the Milano 1, was introduced in Italy. Bonetto was due to pilot it but it never started due to mechanical troubles during practice.

Season by Season Record[]

Year Entrant Chassis Engine Tyres Driver Rounds Points Championship
1950 Italy Scuderia Milano Maserati 4CLT/50 Maserati L4 1.5L P Italy Felice Bonetto 4 2 NA
Milano L4 1.5L 6 0 N/A
Italy Franco Comotti 7
Milano 1 Italy Felice Bonetto 7 0 N/A