Roy Pike (born August 29, 1938 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a former Formula One non-championship driver, who entered in two races.


Pike driving a Antique Automobiles Brabham BT23B in the 1969 Race of Champions.

He qualified 13th (and last) at the 1969 Race of Champions, but was unable to start, due to a fuel pump failure on the warmup lap. His next (and final) entry was in the 1970 International Gold Cup, but he failed to arrive.

His best race of note was the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, where he drove a Ferrari 275 with Piers Courage. They finished eighth overall, and won the 5 liter GT class.

Formula One Statistical OverviewEdit

Formula One RecordEdit

Note: Italics donate non-championship entreats.

Year Entreat Team WDC Points WDC Pos.
1969 Antique Automobiles Brabham-Climax Non-championship only
1970 Leda Engineering Leda-Chevrolet Non-championship only
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