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Richard John Beattie 'Dick' Seaman (February 4, 1913 - June 25, 1939) was a British racing driver, considered one of Britain's greatest pre-war racing heroes. He famously drove for the Mercedes-Benz team from 1937-1939 in the Mercedes-Benz W154 car, winning the 1938 German Grand Prix.

He is believed by many to have been a Nazi - he most notably drove for Mercedes, against his mother's wishes, who didn't want him driving for a 'Nazi' team. He even gave the Nazi salute on the podium after winning in Germany, and married Erica Popp, the BMW director's daughter. This led to the Führer, Adolf Hitler, to bill Seaman as one of his favourite drivers.

Seaman was killed while leading in the 1939 Belgian Grand Prix. During a rain shower, he got out of shape at the old Clubhouse corner (now the chicane before the pits), and his car crashed into a tree. He was pinned by the steering wheel, and the car and burst into flames. He died later that evening in the hospital.

He was buried in Putney Vale Cemetery, London.