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1994: McLaren[edit | edit source]

1995-1997: Jordan[edit | edit source]

1998-2000: Prost[edit | edit source]

1998[edit | edit source]

For 1998, Peugeot partnered with Prost to create an-all French operated team for the new season. Alain Prost commented "We are beginning a new era, and there is no comparison between what Peugeot achieved with the two Anglo-Saxon teams and what they are doing with us. The situation is completely different."

Peugeot had only limited success competing for McLaren and Jordan, however it hoped its new partnership with a fellow French manufacturer would assist in its rise in the sport. The new A16 engine designed by Jean-Pierre Boudy boasted substantial improvements, it could reach nearly 800 horsepower and was much more flexible than its predecessor.

F1 Summary[edit | edit source]

Year Entrant Engine Tyre Drivers Rounds WCC Pts WCC Pos Test drivers Report

Wins[edit | edit source]

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Statistics[edit | edit source]

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Complete Formula One Results[edit | edit source]

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As Constructor[edit | edit source]

No. Race Driver
1 1912 French Grand Prix France Georges Boillot
2 1913 French Grand Prix France Georges Boillot

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