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===Career Results===
===Career Results===
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{{2006 Results/21|{{7th}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|11th|{{7th}}|11th|{{Ret}}|9th|{{Ret}}|9th|14th|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|11th|10th|{{Ret}}|4|17th}}
{{2006 Results/20|{{7th}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|11th|{{7th}}|11th|{{Ret}}|9th|{{Ret}}|9th|14th|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|{{Ret}}|11th|10th|{{Ret}}|4|17th}}
{{2007 Results/21|{{7th}}|{{Ret}}|10th|{{6th}}|12th|10th|16th|9th|12th|{{Ret}}|{{7th}}|{{7th}}|{{6th}}|{{6th}}|{{Ret}}|16th|{{4th}}|20|9th}}
{{2007 Results/20|{{7th}}|{{Ret}}|10th|{{6th}}|12th|10th|16th|9th|12th|{{Ret}}|{{7th}}|{{7th}}|{{6th}}|{{6th}}|{{Ret}}|16th|{{4th}}|20|9th}}
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{{2009 Results/20|{{6th}}|{{8th}}|15th|9th|{{8th}}|{{6th}}|{{5th}}|{{5th}}|{{4th}}|{{4th}}|{{5th}}|{{8th}}|16th|11th|{{5th}}|{{Ret}}|9th|34.5|7th}}
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{{Career Results/2015|driver=Nico Rosberg}}
{{Career Results/2015|driver=Nico Rosberg}}

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Nico Erik Rosberg (born 27 June 1985 in Wiesbaden, West Germany) is a German Formula One driver who currently drives for Mercedes, having previously driven for Williams. He is most well-known for beating the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher comprehensively on his comeback in 2010, and again in 2011. He is the son of 1982 world champion Keke Rosberg, who is Finnish.

He has won three races in 2012 and five in 2014, claiming second place in the 2014 Drivers' championship after a season-long battle with teammate, Lewis Hamilton.

His permanent number for his career is #6.


Before Formula One

Hamilton And Rosberg Karting

Nico Rosberg (Left) and Lewis Hamilton (Right) partnered on in 2000

Rosberg began his racing career at the age of ten, racing karts. In the year 2000, Rosberg would be partnered with his future Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. In 2002, Rosberg advanced to the German Formula BMW and managed to win a title. Due to his performance in the series, his father Keke Rosberg gave him a ride in the Formula 3 Euro Series in 2003 and 2004.

After declining an aeronautical engineering course at Imperial College London, Rosberg was invited to racing with team ART Grand Prix in the new GP2 series. With great success in GP2, in 2005 he became the first driver to win the GP2 title.


Late in 2005, Rosberg had signed with Williams for the following season. He made history even before the first race of the season. Like all new Williams drivers, Rosberg was required to take the Engineering Aptitude Test, on which he recorded the highest score in Williams' history.

2006 Australian Grand Prix Accident

Nico Rosberg (Left), Felipe Massa (Center) and Christian Klien (Right) are involved in a first lap accident during the 2006 Australian Grand Prix

He began the 2006 season alongside his teammate Mark Webber, who had joined the team one year earlier. The Williams car was considered to be far below the standards and experts said the team was not competitive. Despite this, Rosberg performed admirably in Bahrain and took a points finish. He was even able to record the fastest lap time, becoming the youngest driver in Formula One history to do so.

The remainder of the season went poorly for Rosberg. He suffered many retirements and was uneffective in scoring any points, other than the four he had scored in the first race. He had scored three points less than Webber. It was rumoured that Rosberg would be changing teams for the next season, but he accepted Willaims' offer to stay. However, his teammate would leave to drive for Red Bull after his two-year contract with Williams expired and was not renewed.


Partnered with Alexander Wurz, Rosberg continued his career with Williams. A switch to Toyota engines for the team was predicted to improve the performance of the team. Rosberg became a qualifying master, managing to score multiple top-ten grid places. Rosberg had proved to be a responsible driver, only retiring from three races because of mechanical failures.

Rosberg scored ninth position in the World Championship, performing better than Wurz by seven points. This was a considerable improvement from his previous results, causing Wurz to lose his seat with the team. It was clear that Rosberg would be back on Williams next season.


For his return to Williams for the 2008 season, Rosberg was paired with the rookie Kazuki Nakajima. The first race of the season went well of Rosberg who managed to get his first podium finish.

Nico Rosberg Leading The 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg leading the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

Rosberg hit some more milestones in the Singapore Grand Prix. There he was able to lead his first race, leading ten laps before being overtaken by Felipe Massa for the win. Rosberg was not successful in winning the event, but managed to earn his the first second place finish in his career and the highest finish of his career (at that time).

His first run in with the race stewards was after qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix. During the qualifying session, he had made contact with the eliminated Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Räikkönen. He was given a ten-place grid penalty for the race.

For the rest of the season, Rosberg was let down by the car's poor performance and was only successful in scoring three other points scoring positions. This placed him in thirteenth place in the Championship, placing him two places higher than his teammate.


Rosberg had a great season with Williams. He was able to score points in all but six races and was able to qualify in the top-ten on multiple occasions. He only suffered one retirement due to a gearbox issue. Rosberg was successful in getting a seventh place finish in the World Championship and beating his teammate who scored no points in the season.

Rosberg announced his exit from the team at the end of the season. He would be moving to the new Mercedes works team, serving as teammate to the legendary Michael Schumacher.

"They're the only team, I've worked with. Frank Williams, especially, Adam Parr, Sam Michael, Patrick Head have really supported my career over these years and I'd like to say a very big thank you to them. There's no reason why they can't be as good as this year. But I'm not sure they can win races at the moment, and I would like to win races. It's been a good season because the team gave me a good car it was an opportunity to raise my share value and to find a winning car for next year." - Nico Rosberg

Williams would start with two new drivers for the 2010 season. They would hire Rubens Barrichello and Nico Hülkenberg.


Now with Mercedes, Rosberg noticed a notable improvement in his results. There was a lot of hype about the return of Michael Schumacher, but Rosberg was able to out-race his teammate in most events, despite the pressure.

Rosberg qualified for his first front row grid position in the Malaysian Grand Prix and also earned a third place finish. This was the team's first podium finish since their Formula One comeback. He repeated this finish at the next race in China and also in Britain almost three months later.

2010 Korean Grand Prix Accident

Nico Rosberg's Mercedes being removed by safety car after an accident in the 2010 Korean Grand Prix

Rosberg was involved in his first race accident during the Korean Grand Prix when he was collected by Mark Webber on the 18th lap of the race. Both drivers were forced to retire from the event. Rosberg was able to score points in all of the races, except for this and one other retirement and two other finishes.

He finished the season in 7th place, scoring nearly twice as many points as Schumacher.


Rosberg was eager to out-race his legendary teammate once again. The first race of the 2011 season didn't quite go to plan, as an accident forced Rosberg to retire to the garage. He was also unsuccessful in scoring points in the next race at Malaysia, as a twelfth place finished was not in scoring position.

The next race in China was most successful for Rosberg. A top-five finish would give him his first ten points of the season. He repeated this in Turkey. Although he managed to score points in most of the remaining races, the team struggled with achieving top finishes. This was largely because the new Mercedes MGP W02 was uncompetitive, but an accident on the first lap of the Italian Grand Prix did not help the situation.

To end the season, Rosberg earned his third consecutive seventh place Championship finish. This was enough the beat Schumacher once again and meant that Rosberg would keep his Mercedes seat for another year.


Partnered with Schumacher once again, Rosberg resumed his career with Mercedes for the 2012 season. His season did not have as good of a start as some of his previous season. He was unable to earn any points in the first two races.

2012 Chinese Grand Prix Winner

Nico Rosberg celebrating his first Formula One win, in China

However, Rosberg's luck changed when he earned a pole and win in China, beating both McLaren drivers by 20 seconds. Rosberg broke three milestones that weekend; his first career pole position, his first career win and Mercedes' first win since their return to Formula One.

"It’s a reward for all our colleagues who have put in so much work and who never let themselves be distracted from their dream of winning races in Formula One. It’s also the perfect example that you can achieve what you want to when the right conditions are put in place and you are totally committed to the direction you are heading in. Nico showed great class yesterday: it was a composed win, with an advantage of more than 20 seconds." - Norbert Haug (Mercedes Vice President)

The rest of the season when relatively normal. A second place finish in Monaco was his only other podium finish. He managed to score points in the vast majority of the races. Despite retirements in Japan, South Korea and Abu Dhabi from collisions early in the race, Rosberg managed to finish the season with 93 points. This put him in ninth position, four positions up on Schumacher.

At the end of the season, the seven time world champion Michael Schumacher announced his second retirement. After Lewis Hamilton's contract with McLaren expired at the end of the season, it was decided that he would fill the champion's seat. This meant that Rosberg would finally earn his number one driver status with Mercedes.


Now partnered with previous karting teammate Lewis Hamilton, Rosberg was looking to show the team that his number one team status was well-deserved. A retirement in Australia and China because of mechanical failures early in the season, did not help him show this. Hamilton had already managed to get two podium finishes with Mercedes under his belt but this time.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix Win

Team Mercedes celebrating Nico Rosberg's win in Monaco

Things were looking better for Rosberg, as he earned three consecutive pole positions. It wasn't until the third in Monaco that he finally cashed in a win. Another win in Hamilton's home Grand Prix as icing on the cake.

However, even another two podium finishes would leave Rosberg 18 points short of his teammate's 189 points. The team announced that both drivers would be returning with the team next season and that Rosberg would maintain his number one driver status with the team.


Rosberg got the season off to a perfect start with a win in the Australian Grand Prix. However, Rosberg came second behind his teammate Lewis Hamilton in the next four races.

In the final qualifying session at the Monaco Grand Prix, Rosberg spun off, which caused yellow flags and prevented his teammate Lewis Hamilton from getting pole. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this incident, as some felt Rosberg deliberately spun off the track to prevent his teammate from getting pole.

Formula One Statistical Overview

F1 Career History

Year Entrants Team Pts WDC Pos. Report
2004 BMW WilliamsF1 Team Williams-BMW Test Driver
2005 BMW WilliamsF1 Team Williams-BMW Test Driver
2006 WilliamsF1 Team Williams-Cosworth 4 17th Report
2007 AT&T Williams Williams-Toyota 20 9th Report
2008 AT&T Williams Williams-Toyota 17 13th Report
2009 AT&T Williams Williams-Toyota 34.5 7th Report
2010 Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team Mercedes 142 7th Report
2011 Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team Mercedes 89 7th Report
2012 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes 93 9th Report
2013 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes 171 6th Report
2014 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes 317 2nd Report
2015 Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team Mercedes Yet to start


Correct as of the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix

Entries 206
Starts 206
Pole Positions 30
Front Row Starts 10
Race Wins 23
Podiums 57
Fastest laps 20
Points 1594.5
Laps Raced 7795
Distance Raced 39161.95 km (24334 mi)
Races Led 13
Laps Led 212
Distance Led 971.194 km (603 mi)
Doubles 2
Hat-Tricks 0
Grand Chelems 2


No. Race
1 2012 Chinese Grand Prix
2 2013 Monaco Grand Prix
3 2013 British Grand Prix
4 2014 Australian Grand Prix
5 2014 Monaco Grand Prix
6 2014 Austrian Grand Prix
7 2014 German Grand Prix
8 2014 Brazilian Grand Prix

Career Results

Template:Career Results/2015
Complete Formula One results
Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Pts Pos
2006 Flag of Bahrain Flag of Malaysia Flag of Australia Flag of San Marino Flag of Europe Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Great Britain Flag of Canada Flag of the United States Flag of France Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Turkey Flag of Italy Flag of China Flag of Japan Flag of Brazil 4 17th
7th Ret Ret 11th 7th 11th Ret 9th Ret 9th 14th Ret Ret Ret Ret 11th 10th Ret
2007 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of the United States Flag of France Flag of Great Britain Flag of Europe Flag of Hungary Flag of Turkey Flag of Italy Flag of Belgium Flag of Japan Flag of China Flag of Brazil 20 9th
7th Ret 10th 6th 12th 10th 16th 9th 12th Ret 7th 7th 6th 6th Ret 16th 4th
2008 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Turkey Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of France Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Europe Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of China Flag of Brazil 17 13th
3rd 14th 8th Ret 8th Ret 10th 16th 9th 10th 14th 8th 12th 14th 2nd 11th 15th 12th
2009 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Turkey Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Europe Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of Brazil Flag of the United Arab Emirates 34.5 7th
6th 8th
15th 9th 8th 6th 5th 5th 4th 4th 5th 8th 16th 11th 5th Ret 9th
2010 Flag of Bahrain Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Turkey Flag of Canada Flag of Europe Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of South Korea Flag of Brazil Flag of the United Arab Emirates 142 7th
5th 5th 3rd 3rd 13th 7th 5th 6th 10th 3rd 8th Ret 6th 5th 5th 17th Ret 6th 4th
2011 Flag of Bahrain Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Turkey Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of Europe Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of South Korea Flag of India Flag of the United Arab Emirates Flag of Brazil 89 7th
C Ret 12th 5th 5th 7th 11th 11th 7th 6th 7th 9th 6th Ret 7th 10th 8th 6th 6th 7th
2012 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of Europe Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of South Korea Flag of India Flag of the United Arab Emirates Flag of the United States Flag of Brazil 93 9th
12th 13th 1st 5th 7th 2nd 6th 6th 15th 10th 10th 11th 7th 5th Ret Ret 11th Ret 13th 15th
2013 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of South Korea Flag of Japan Flag of India Flag of the United Arab Emirates Flag of the United States Flag of Brazil 171 6th
Ret 4th Ret 9th 6th 1st 5th 1st 9th 19th 4th 6th 4th 7th 8th 2nd 3rd 9th 5th
2014 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of Bahrain Flag of China Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Canada Flag of Austria Flag of Great Britain Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of Russia Flag of the United States Flag of Brazil Flag of the United Arab Emirates 317 2nd
1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 2nd 1st Ret 1st 4th 2nd 2nd Ret 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 14th  

Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1stWinner Ret Retired
2ndPodium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5thPoints finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14thNon-points finish TD Test driver
NCNon-classified finish (<90% race distance) DNS Did not start
ItalicsScored point(s) for Fastest Lap [+] More Symbols


  1. Race stopped after 31/56 Laps. Half points awarded
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Drivers Ricciardo • 5 Vettel • 6 Rosberg • 7 Räikkönen • 8 Grosjean • 9 Ericsson • 11 Pérez • 12 Nasr • 13 Maldonado • 14 Alonso • 19 Massa • 20 Magnussen • 21 Gutiérrez • 22 Button • 26 Kvyat • 27 Hülkenberg • 28 Stevens • 33 Verstappen • 44 Hamilton • 53 Rossi • 55 Sainz • 77 Bottas • 98 Merhi
Other Drivers Buemi • Celis • Daruvala • De la Rosa • Félix da Costa • Fong • Gasly • Gutiérrez • Jordá • King • Leimer • Lynn • Marciello • Palmer • Pic • Prost • Rigon • Sutil • Turvey • Vandoorne • Vergne • Wehrlein • Wolff
V T E Mercedes AMG Petronas GP Mercedes Grand Prix
Current drivers
44. United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton · 77. Finland Valtteri Bottas
World Champions
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio (1954, 1955) · United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton (2014, 2015, 2017, 2018) · Germany Nico Rosberg (2016)
Former Drivers
Michael Schumacher · Juan Manuel Fangio · Nico Rosberg · Hans Herrmann · Karl Kling · Stirling Moss · André Simon · Piero Taruffi · Hermann Lang
Nick Fry · Bob Bell · Aldo Costa · Toto Wolff
Former Personnel
Norbert Haug · Alfred Neubauer · Max Sailer · Rudolf Uhlenhaut · Paddy Lowe
W196 · W01 · W02 · W03 · W04 · W05 · W06 · W07 · W08 · W09
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