The Grand Prix Drivers' Association (commonly referred to as the "GPDA") is the trade union of Formula One drivers. Its chairman is Alexander Wurz, with Romain Grosjean and Sebastian Vettel serving as directors.[1]

It was initially founded on 11 May 1961, with the aim of improving safety standards. Stirling Moss was the original chairman, with Jo Bonnier taking over in 1963. It quite notably led to the boycotts of the 1969 Belgian Grand Prix and of the Nürburgring in 1970 and after 1976, as well as a drivers' strike at the 1982 South African Grand Prix. It disbanded in 1982, with the Professional Racing Drivers Association being formed in its place to represent all drivers, not just F1 drivers.

After the death of Roland Ratzenberger in qualifying for the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix, the reformation of the Association was proposed. Ayrton Senna was to be appointed as a director, but tragically died in the race itself. The reformation was completed during the weekend of the following race, the Monaco Grand Prix, with Michael Schumacher appointed as chairman.

On 5 February 1996, the company was incorporated in the United Kingdom as a company limited by guarantee as Grand Prix Drivers Association Limited. Its directors at the time of founding were Schumacher, Gerhard Berger and Martin Brundle. The members meet at every F1 event.


Membership is not compulsory for F1 drivers. However, most do join. It costs £2,000 to join.

List of ChairmenEdit

Chairman Years
United Kingdom Stirling Moss 1961–1963
Sweden Jo Bonnier 1963–1971
United Kingdom Jackie Stewart 1972–1978
South Africa Jody Scheckter 1979–1980
France Didier Pironi 1980–1982
Brazil Ayrton Senna 1994
Germany Michael Schumacher 1994–2005
United Kingdom David Coulthard 2005–2006
Germany Ralf Schumacher 2006–2007
Spain Pedro de la Rosa 2008–2010
Germany Nick Heidfeld 2010
Brazil Rubens Barrichello 2010–2011
Spain Pedro de la Rosa 2012–2014
Austria Alexander Wurz 2014–present

List of DirectorsEdit

Note: from 1996

Director Years Stint as chairman
Germany Michael Schumacher 1996–2005 1996–2005
Austria Gerhard Berger 1996
United Kingdom Martin Brundle 1996
United Kingdom Damon Hill 1996–1998
United Kingdom David Coulthard 1996–2006 2005–2006
Austria Alexander Wurz 1998–2001
Italy Jarno Trulli 2001–2006
Australia Mark Webber 2003–2005
Germany Ralf Schumacher 2006–2007 2006–2007
Spain Fernando Alonso 2006–2010
Spain Pedro de la Rosa 2008–2010
Germany Nick Heidfeld 2010 2010
Brazil Felipe Massa 2010–2013
Germany Sebastian Vettel 2010–present
Brazil Rubens Barrichello 2010–2011 2010–2011
United Kingdom Jenson Button 2013–2017
France Romain Grosjean 2017–present

List of Company SecretariesEdit

Company Years
Eps Secretaries Limited 1996–2010
Boodle Hatfield Secretarial Limited
S L Secretaries Limited

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