The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio.

The company was named after Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber.

Goodyear is the most successful tyre supplier in Formula One, with more starts, more wins (113 as the sole supplier), more Drivers' Championships and more Constructors' Championships than any other tyre supplier.

F1 Supplier HistoryEdit

By TeamEdit

By YearEdit

Year Teams
1964 Derrington-Francis Racing Team (Rd.8)
1965 Brabham, Honda
1966 Brabham, BRM, Eagle, Brabham-BRM, Honda
1967 Brabham, BRM, Eagle, Matra, McLaren
1968 McLaren, Brabham, Eagle, BRM, Cooper
1969 McLaren, BRM, Brabham, Cooper,
1970 Matra, McLaren, Lotus, Brabham, Bellasi
1971 Tyrrell, McLaren, Brabham, Matra, March
1972 Brabham, March, Matra, Tyrrell, Politoys, Eifelland
1973 Lotus, Tyrrell, Brabham, McLaren, Ferrari, March, Shadow,
1974 Lotus, Tyrrell, McLaren, Brabham, March, Ferrari, Shadow, Hesketh,
1975 All teams
1976 All teams except Kojima Engineering and Heroes Racing
1977 All teams except Renault, Meiritsu Racing Team, Kojima Engineering and Heroes Racing
1978 All teams except Ferrari and Renault
1979 All teams except Ferrari and Renault
1980 All teams except Ferrari and Renault
1981 Williams*, Brabham*, Lotus*,
1982 Brabham, Tyrrell, Williams, Lotus, Ferrari, Theodore*
1983 Williams, Tyrrell, ATS, Ferrari, Arrows, Theodore, Spirit
1984 Ferrari, Lotus, Williams, Tyrrell, Alfa Romeo, Arrows
1985 McLaren, Ferrari, Williams, Lotus, Renault, Arrows, Tyrrell, Alfa Romeo, Zakspeed, Lola
1986 Williams, McLaren, Lotus, Ferrari, Tyrrell, Lola, Arrows, Zakspeed
1987 All teams
1988 All teams
1989 McLaren, Williams, Ferrari, Benetton, Tyrrell, Lotus, Arrows, Onyx, March, Rial, Ligier, AGS, Lola
1990 McLaren, Ferrari, Benetton, Williams, Lola, Leyton House, Lotus, Arrows, Ligier, Onyx, AGS, Coloni, Life
1991 All teams except Tyrrell, Brabham, Benetton and Dallara
1992 All teams
1993 All teams
1994 All teams
1995 All teams
1996 All teams
1997 Williams, Ferrari, Benetton, McLaren, Jordan, Sauber, Tyrrell
1998 Ferrari, Williams, Jordan, Sauber, Tyrrell

* = Switched tyre supplier midway through the season.

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