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Giulio Cabianca (born February 19th 1923 in Verona, Kingdom of Italy; died June 15th in Modena, Italy) was a Formula One racing driver who drove during the 1958, 1959 and 1960 Formula One Seasons, scoring his only three points in his final race.

Cabianca was killed in a freak accident while testing at Modena in 1961. Suffering a stuck throttle, Cabianca's Cooper T51 went off track, travelling through a circuit perimeter gate and across a public road, colliding with a van, a motorcycle and bicycle, killing the van driver and both cyclists, before hitting three parked cars and a wall. Although conscious at the scene, Cabianca later died in hospital from his injuries.


Cabianca made his Formula One debut in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix, but was unable to qualify for the event. He returned later that year to race for Jo Bonnier in the 1958 Italian Grand Prix, where he suffered an engine failure on lap 51.

He returned to Formula One in the 1959 season, racing in the Italian Grand Prix for Ottorino Volonterio. He finished in 15th position, 8 laps behind the leader.

Cabianca made his best and last finish in the 1960 Italian Grand Prix while driving for Eugenio Castellotti. He placed in 4th position, earning Castellotti's team their only points.

Cabianca was planning to return again in 1961 with Castellotti, but was killed during a test session.


Cabianca was killed during a private test session with a Cooper at the Modena Autodrome. While testing, his car suffered a stuck throttle. The car left the track, striking a spectator and traveling through an open track gate. The spectator survived with severe leg injuries.

Cabianca's car traveled onto a public road, where is struck a bicycle, motorcycle and mini-van and three parked cars. The car then came to a stop after running into the wall of a workshop.

The drivers of the mini-van and motorcycle where killed on the scene. The biker was crushed and killed instantly by the block of iron that the mini-van was carrying. Cabianca was transported to a hospital where he died a few hours later.

Formula One Statistical Overview[]

Formula One Record[]

Year Entrant Team WDC Pts. WDC Pos. Report
1958 Italy OSCA Automobili OSCA 0 NC Report
Sweden Jo Bonnier Maserati
1959 Switzerland Ottorino Volonterio Maserati 0 NC Report
1960 Italy Scuderia Eugenio Castellotti Cooper-Ferrari 3 19th Report

Career Statistics[]

Entries 4
Starts 3
Pole Positions 0
Front Row Starts 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Fastest Laps 0
Points 3
Laps Raced 163
Distance Raced 1141 km (709 mi)

Career Results[]

Complete Formula One Results
Year 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Pts Pos
1958 Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg 48-star U S flag.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Morocco.svg 0 NC
1959 Flag of Monaco.svg 48-star U S flag.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Italy.svg US flag 49 stars.svg 0 NC
1960 Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Monaco.svg US flag 49 stars.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of the United States.svg 3 22nd
Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1st Winner Ret Retired
2nd Podium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5th Points finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14th Non-points finish TD Test driver
Italics Scored point(s) for Fastest Lap DNS Did not start
18th Classified finish (retired with >90% race distance) NC Non-classified finish (<90% race distance)
4thP Qualified for pole position [+] More Symbols


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