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Formula One Rejects (or simply F1 Rejects) was a website that documented the least successful Formula One drivers and teams in history, started in 1999. The main site also had its own F1-related podcast, as well as F1 articles (and until the 2011 Japanese GP, race reviews).

112 drivers were profiled on this site, with the most recent being Bob Drake.

It is also known for the Formula One Rejects Alternate Series, virtual racing series held on the F1 Rejects forums. Hungarian Zsolt Baumgartner appears under a false name, HWNSNBM (He whose name shall never be mentioned) to protect his identity.

In October 2014, the website temporarily went offline, before being fully shut down in February 2015. A new website was founded, Grand Prix Rejects, which has an active forum.

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