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This a project page that documents the use of flags.

The short form ({{XXX}} and {{XXX-####}} for historical flags not in use) templates are linked to the Flagicon templates.

If the flags are not loading properly, try purging the cache.

For a country-by-country view of the situation, see this page.

Usage notes[]

Where we use flags[]

Basically, anywhere in a table when nationality can be expressed, like in results tables or lists. Flags can be removed from tables if width becomes an issue.

Uploading a new flag[]

All flags uploaded on the wiki are SVG files. To upload a new flag, go on Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons, find the flag you are looking for, and go to the specific URL of the flag (the page which contains only the flag). Save this image to your computer and upload to the F1 Wiki, replacing all en dashes with hyphens and removing parentheses. Once uploaded, add the flag to its country's country data template, and create the {{XXX}} or {{XXX-####}} coding that we use for flag shortcuts, adding the category Flag shortcuts.

When a flag changes[]

The order of action is:

  1. Alter the country's country data template;
  2. Use MTracey1bot to convert {{XXX}} to {{XXX-####}} on articles that specifically relate to events in the past (such as past Grands Prix, past seasons, etc);
  3. Ensure that the F1Laps#### templates still work and fix when needed;
  4. Change remaining flags that need to be changed (e.g. people who died before the flag change);
  5. Revert changes the bot should not have made, if need be.

The WhatLinksHere function will be very much important in these situations.

This is a procedure that rarely needs be performed (the last major occurrence, when Libya changed their flag, took place before most the current crop of editors arrived) and will likely need refining in the future.

List of Flag Templates[]

Current Country Flags[]

Years in bold indicate that a country has seen usage of a previous flag in Formula One or Grand Prix racing and the historical flag is currently on the wiki.

Country Flag since Image Code Country data
Angola 1975 Angola {{ANG}} Template:Country data Angola
Argentina 1812 Argentina {{ARG}} Template:Country data Argentina
Australia 1909 Australia {{AUS}} Template:Country data Australia
Austria 1230 Austria {{AUT}} Template:Country data Austria
Azerbaijan 1918 Azerbaijan {{AZE}} Template:Country data Azerbaijan
Bahrain 2002 Bahrain {{BHR}} Template:Country data Bahrain
Barbados 1966 Barbados {{BRB}} Template:Country data Barbados
Belgium 1831 Belgium {{BEL}} Template:Country data Belgium
Brazil 1992 Brazil {{BRA}} Template:Country data Brazil
Canada 1965 Canada {{CAN}} Template:Country data Canada
Chile 1817 Chile {{CHL}} Template:Country data Chile
China 1949 China {{CHN}} Template:Country data China
Colombia 1861 Colombia {{COL}} Template:Country data Colombia
Croatia 1990 Croatia {{CRO}} Template:Country data Croatia
Czech Republic (Czechia*) 1920* Czech Republic {{CZE}} Template:Country data Czech Republic
Denmark 1219 Denmark {{DEN}} Template:Country data Denmark
Estonia 1918 Estonia {{EST}} Template:Country data Estonia
Finland 1920 Finland {{FIN}} Template:Country data Finland
France 1794 France {{FRA}} Template:Country data France
Germany 1949 Germany {{GER}} Template:Country data Germany
Great Britain/United Kingdom 1801 United Kingdom {{GBR}} Template:Country data United Kingdom
Hong Kong 1997 Hong Kong {{HKG}} Template:Country data Hong Kong
Hungary 1957 Hungary {{HUN}} Template:Country data Hungary
India 1947 India {{IND}} Template:Country data India
Indonesia 1945 Indonesia {{INA}} Template:Country data Indonesia
Ireland 1919 Ireland {{IRE}} Template:Country data Ireland
Israel 1948 Israel {{ISR}} Template:Country data Israel
Italy 1948 Italy {{ITA}} Template:Country data Italy
Japan 1870 Japan {{JPN}} Template:Country data Japan
Jamaica 1962 Jamaica {{JAM}} Template:Country data Jamaica
Liechtenstein 1937 Liechtenstein {{LIE}} Template:Country data Liechtenstein
Luxembourg 1972 Luxembourg {{LUX}} Template:Country data Luxembourg
Malaysia 1963 Malaysia {{MAS}} Template:Country data Malaysia
Mexico 1968 Mexico {{MEX}} Template:Country data Mexico
Monaco 1881 Monaco {{MON}} Template:Country data Monaco
Morocco 1915 Morocco {{MAR}} Template:Country data Morocco
The Netherlands 1937 Netherlands {{NED}} Template:Country data Netherlands
New Zealand 1902 New Zealand {{NZL}} Template:Country data New Zealand
Norway 1831 Norway {{NOR}} Template:Country data Norway
Paraguay 1842 Paraguay {{PAR}} Template:Country data Paraguay
Philippines 1898 Philippines {{PHL}} Template:Country data Philippines
Poland 1919 Poland {{POL}} Template:Country data Poland
Portugal 1911 Portugal {{POR}} Template:Country data Portugal
Qatar 1971 Qatar {{QAT}} Template:Country data Qatar
Romania 1848 Romania {{ROM}} Template:Country data Romania
Russia 1993 Russia {{RUS}} Template:Country data Russia
San Marino 1862 San Marino {{SMR}} Template:Country data San Marino
Saudi Arabia 1973 Saudi Arabia {{KSA}} Template:Country data Saudi Arabia
Singapore 1959 Singapore {{SIN}} Template:Country data Singapore
Slovakia 1992 Slovakia {{SVK}} Template:Country data Slovakia
Slovenia 1991 Slovenia {{SVN}} Template:Country data Slovenia
Spain 1981 Spain {{ESP}} Template:Country data Spain
Sweden 1906 Sweden {{SWE}} Template:Country data Sweden
Switzerland 1889 Switzerland {{SUI}} Template:Country data Switzerland
South Africa 1994 South Africa {{RSA}} Template:Country data South Africa
South Korea 1948 South Korea {{KOR}} Template:Country data South Korea
Tanzania 1964 Tanzania {{TAN}} Template:Country data Tanzania
Thailand 1917 Thailand {{THA}} Template:Country data Thailand
Turkey 1936§ Turkey {{TUR}} Template:Country data Turkey
Uganda 1962 Uganda {{UGA}} Template:Country data Uganda
United Arab Emirates 1971 United Arab Emirates {{UAE}} Template:Country data United Arab Emirates
United States of America 1960 United States {{USA}} Template:Country data United States
Uruguay 1830 Uruguay {{URU}} Template:Country data Uruguay
Venezuela 2006 Venezuela {{VEN}} Template:Country data Venezuela
Vietnam 1955 Vietnam {{VNM}} Template:Country data Vietnam
Zimbabwe 1980 Zimbabwe {{ZIM}} Template:Country data Zimbabwe

* As the flag of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic formed in 1993. In 2016 the name Czechia was adopted as the official short-form version of the name, and appeared as such in UN databases.

Used unofficially from 19 July 1946.

In use since 1848.

§ In use since 1844.

Historical Country Flags[]

Country From To Image Code Country data
Brazil 1889 1960 Brazil {{BRA-1889}} Template:Country data Brazil
1960 1968 Brazil {{BRA-1960}}
1968 1992 Brazil {{BRA-1968}}
Canada 1921 1957 Canada {{CAN-1921}} Template:Country data Canada
1957 1965 Canada {{CAN-1957}}
East Germany 1949 1959 East Germany {{GDR-1949}} Template:Country data East Germany
1959 1990 East Germany {{GDR}}
Germany 1871 1919 Germany {{GER-1871}} Template:Country data Germany
1919 1933 Germany {{GER-1919}}
1933 1935 Germany {{GER-1933}}
1935 1945 Germany {{GER-1935}}
1945 1949 Germany {{GER-1945}}
Hong Kong 1959 1997 Hong Kong {{HKG-1959}} Template:Country data Hong Kong
Hungary 1867 1918 Hungary {{HUN-1867}} Template:Country data Hungary
Italy 1861 1946 Italy {{ITA-1861}} Template:Country data Italy
Mexico 1934 1968 Mexico {{MEX-1934}} Template:Country data Mexico
Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1953 1965 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland {{FRN}} Template:Country data Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Rhodesia 1964 1968 Rhodesia {{RHO-1964}} Template:Country data Rhodesia
1979 1980
1968 1979 Rhodesia {{RHO}}
South Africa 1928 1994 South Africa {{RSA-1928}} Template:Country data South Africa
Spain 1874 1931 Spain {{ESP-1874}} Template:Country data Spain
1931 1938/9 Spain {{ESP-1931}}
1938 1945 Spain {{ESP-1938}}
1945 1977 Spain {{ESP-1945}}
1977 1981 Spain {{ESP-1977}}
United States of America 1896 1908 United States {{USA-1896}} Template:Country data United States
1908 1912 United States {{USA-1908}}
1912 1959 United States {{USA-1912}}
1959 1960 United States {{USA-1959}}
Venezuela 1930 2006 Venezuela {{VEN-1930}} Template:Country data Venezuela
West Germany 1949 1990 West Germany {{FRG}} Template:Country data West Germany

Other Flags[]

State Flag since Image Code Country data
Abruzzo 1999 Abruzzo {{ABR}} Template:Country data Abruzzo
Dallas 1867 Dallas {{DAL}} Template:Country data Dallas
Detroit 1948 Detroit {{DET}} Template:Country data Detroit
Europe 1955 Europe {{EUR}} Template:Country data Europe
Las Vegas ? Las Vegas {{LVG}} Template:Country data Las Vegas
Long Beach ? Long Beach {{LBE}} Template:Country data Long Beach
Pacific Islands 1999 Pacific Community {{PAC}} Template:Country data Pacific Community

Country flags that may need to be uploaded in the future[]

DO NOT upload these flags until/unless they are needed in an article. It is very likely that not all of these will be needed on the wiki.

  • Austria-Hungary:
    • Habsburg Monarchy (to 1918)
  • Germany:
    • Saarland (1947–1956)
  • Hungary:
    • Hungarian Democratic Republic (1918–1919)
    • Hungarian Soviet Republic (1919)
    • Hungary (1920–1946)
    • Hungary (1946–1949, 1956–1957)
    • Communist Hungary (1949–1956)
    • Hungarian Revolution (coat of arms cut out) (1956)
  • United Kingdom:
    • England
    • Ireland (pre-split from UK)
    • Isle of Man
    • Northern Ireland
    • Scotland
    • Wales
  • Zimbabwe:
    • Zimbabwe-Rhodesia (1979)
  • Additionally:
    • The USSR and related flags.
    • Yugoslavia and related flags.


Country changes notes[]

As stated above, not all flags need uploading. This section should serve only as an explanation of how flags and nationalities may change for certain people and organisations over time.

  • Austria-Hungary existed between 1867 and 1918. Austria and Hungary typically used their own flags for civil purposes. The Austrian flag used is the current flag (Austria), Hungary had a flag slightly different to the current version (Hungary).
  • Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993. The Czech Republic used the old Czechoslovak flag (Czech Republic), while Slovakia created a new flag (Slovakia).
  • Germany had many internal changes, and hence many flags, up to World War II. After the War, Germany was occupied by the Allied Forces, and until 1949 did not have a national government or flag during this time. The C-Pennant (Germany) was the closest to a national flag during this time. After Germany was split, West Germany (FRG, West Germany) and East Germany (GDR, East Germany then East Germany) used the same flag until 1959, when the GDR added a coat of arms. Saarland had their own flag until they were absorbed into the FRG. In 1990, the FRG and GDR were reunified, using the FRG's flag.
    • Drivers typically drove under either the FRG or the GDR in the early years of F1, but later on, drivers (such as Jochen Mass) drove under the German flag rather than the West German flag.
  • The Republic of Ireland was officially part of the United Kingdom until 1922, but the revolutionary republic broke away in 1919. The British Flag did not change.
  • The Kingdom of Italy flag (Italy) was used until the constitutional referendum that abolished the monarchy. On 19 June 1946, the flag of the Italian Republic (Italy) started being used, and it was formally adopted on 1 January 1948.
  • Zimbabwe declared independence in 1980 (Zimbabwe). Was called the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland from 1953 to 1963 and 1964 to 1965 (Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland). Split into Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), Southern Rhodesia (Rhodesia) (now Zimbabwe) and Nyasaland (now Malawi). Southern Rhodesia became Rhodesia in 1965 (Rhodesia, later Rhodesia), Zimbabwe-Rhodesia in 1979 (not uploaded), which became Southern Rhodesia in the same year before independence in 1980.
  • The USSR and Yugoslavia did not have any major links with F1 before they split into their constituent states.

Specificities regarding flag changes[]

While most flag changes officially take place on 1 January, there are exceptions, which are documented below:

  • For Brazilian flag changes see here.
  • Italian flag changed on 19 June 1946.
  • For Mexican flag changes see here.
  • When the US Flag changes, the change officially takes place on 4 July. This means that the Indy 500, which takes place in May, uses the older flag in years in which the flag is changed (e.g. the 1959 Indy 500 uses the 1912 flag rather than the 1959 flag).

Other notes[]

  • Drivers from the United Kingdom drive under the British flag, regardless of which constituent country they are from.