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Welcome to the Formula 1 Wiki's Frequently Asked Questions page! It is currently incomplete, but more questions and answers will be added in due course.

General questions[]

What is the Formula 1 Wiki?[]

We at the F1 Wiki are the free source of knowledge of the world's greatest sport, Formula One, and on Grand Prix motor racing. We aim to the largest, most in-depth, most up-to-date and most informative encyclopedia on the sport.
Right now, however, we are a work in progress, and we'd like your help in order to make our dream a reality.
For more information, see the About page.

Who owns the Formula 1 Wiki?[]

Short answer: It's complicated. Long answer: We're hosted by FANDOM (formerly Wikia), a for-profit organisation who receive ad revenue from the adverts on the pages. But all contributions are licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA. It can be reused anywhere as long as you attribute the editors and share your new content under the CC-BY-SA as well.

Do you have a disclaimer and a Parent Page?[]

Yes to both; see the General disclaimer and the Parent Page.

Which dialect of English is the F1 Wiki in?[]

If the article relates to a subject from an English-speaking country (e.g. Lewis Hamilton), whichever dialect the article relates to.
If not from an English-speaking country (e.g. Fernando Alonso), then the specific dialect doesn't matter as long as there is in-article consistency.

What is the colour scheme about?[]

Firstly, the official F1 website uses a black and red colour scheme.
Secondly, the grey background represents the tarmac a race track. Yes, really.

What about the logo?[]

We originally used the actual F1 logo... until we got a DMCA takedown claim by Formula One World Championship Limited, after which it was understood that we were breaching copyright law and we declined to appeal.
Following from that faux pas, a new logo was designed and implemented, and unlike the colour scheme, has no uninteresting meaning.