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The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (English translation: International Automobile Federation; commonly abbreviated to FIA) is an international body which governs many forms of international motorsport including Formula One (and its feeder series'), WTCC and World Rally Championship. Founded in 1904 as the Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus (AIACR; English translation: International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs), the non-profit organisation is currently headed by former Emirati Middle East Rally champion, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

History of the FIA in Formula One[]

Beginning in 1946, the FIA have been the primary governing body of Formula One. Grand Prix motor racing had existed in some form since the 1920s, however in 1946 the FIA first defined the existence of a primary "Formula" with its own rules of competition. The first race under the new regulations was the 1946 Turin Grand Prix. Four years later, the FIA created the premise of the first Drivers' World Championship to be held in 1950 as a parallel to the Motorcycle World Championships which had been formed a year earlier. A Constructors' Championship was introduced in 1958. Formula One has been governed by the FIA ever since.

Role of the FIA in Formula One[]

The FIA are responsible for setting and changing rules in Formula One. It is also responsible for the mitigation of disputes within the Formula, collection of membership fees and distribution of prize monies. The latter two of these are governed by the Concorde Agreement, a highly secret contract held between the FIA and Formula One Teams' Association.

Notable Personnel[]


Presidential list[]

  • President: United Arab Emirates Mohammed Ben Sulayem
  • President of the Senate: Spain Carmelo Sanz de Barros
  • Deputy President, Sport: United Kingdom Robert Reid
  • Deputy President, Mobility: Canada Tim Shearman

Vice Presidents for Sport[]

  • Middle East: Bahrain Abdulla Al Khalifa
  • Africa: Mozambique Rodrigo Ferreira Rocha
  • North America: Costa Rica Daniel Coen
  • South America: Brazil Fabiana Ecclestone
  • Asia-Pacific: Singapore Lung-Nien Lee
  • Europe: Sweden Anna Nordkvist
  • Europe: Spain Manuel Avino

Members of the Senate[]

  • Elected members for sport
    • Jordan – HRH Prince Faisal Al-Hussein
    • Mexico Carlos Slim Domit
    • Italy Maria Angela Zappia
    • China Guojan Zhan
  • Elected members for mobility
    • Bulgaria – Irina Bokova
    • Germany August Markl
    • Argentina Jorge Rosales
    • Canada Timothy Shearman
  • Independent members
    • France Jacques Audibert
    • Italy Gerardo Braggiotti
    • France Jean-Michel Darrois
    • United States William E. Connor



Presidential Officers[]

  • President of the Senate
    • United States Nicolas Craw (to 2017)
  • Deputy President, Mobility
    • Australia Brian Gibbons (2009–2017)

Vice-Presidents for Sport[]

  • Middle East
    • Qatar Nasser Khalifa Al-Atya
  • South America
    • Paraguay Hugo Mersan
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe
    • Monaco Morrie Boeri
    • Spain Carlos Garcia Fuertes


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