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Formula One Record[]

Entrant Names[]

Years Name
1956, 1962 Emeryson Cars

Formula One Summary[]

As work entries[]

Year Chassis Engine Tyre Driver Rounds WCC Points WCC Pos. Report
1956 Mk1 Alta GP L4 2.5 D United Kingdom Paul Emery 6 N/A* Report
1962 Mk2 Climax FPF L4 1.5 D United States Tony Settember 5, 7 0 NC Report
  • * Points for constructors could not be rewarded until 1958.

As private entries[]

Year Entrant Chassis Engine Tyre Driver Rounds
1961 Belgium Ecurie Nationale Belge Mk2 Maserati 6-1500 L4 1.5 D Belgium Olivier Gendebien 1
Belgium Lucien Bianchi 1
Belgium Privateer Climax FPF L4 1.5 Belgium André Pilette 7
1962 Netherlands Ecurie Maarsbergen Mk3 Climax FPF L4 1.5 D West Germany Wolfgang Seidel 1