Derek Gardner (September 19, 1931 - January 7, 2011) was a designer, first creating advanced transmission systems for Ferguson Research, and later entire cars for Tyrrell Racing. He started out developing four-wheel drive systems for Ferguson, to license the technology to constructors of all terrain vehicles. He was part of the group that designed the Ferguson P99, to date the only four-wheel drive car to win a Formula One race, the 1961 International Gold Cup with Stirling Moss at the wheel.

Gardner met Ken Tyrrell when Ferguson was contracted by Matra to help design their four-wheel drive Matra MS84 Formula One car. The car was not a success, but Gardner and Tyrrell worked well together, and in 1970, when Tyrrell decided to build his own car, he offered the job of designer to Gardner. Anxious for a change, Gardner leapt at the chance.

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