De Dion-Bouton was a motor car manufacturer and constructor founded by Jules-Albert de Dion and Georges Bouton. It was the first automobile manufacturer to consider building motor cars for the purpose of sport rather than a mere transportation device. It was the first manufacturer to enter an official motor race in the 1887 Neuilly-Versailles.

As it was the only car to enter, it was an unsurprising victory for the De Dion-Bouton. Nonetheless it is De Dion-Bouton who has the record for the first ever victory in a motor race. Whilst its driver, Jules-Albert de Dion holds the record for the first driver to ever win an official motor race.

In what is considered the first true motor race, the 1894 Paris-Rouen, De Dion-Bouton was an unsurprising entrant. Whilst they were undoubtedly the fastest car manufacturer of the time to which Jules-Albert de Dion dominated the event, his car was ultimately disqualified from the race.

However the De Dion-Bouton required the use of a riding mechanic and was subsequently disqualified from the event. It also failed to meet any of the criteria of being a safe, comfortable and easily handled car. Despite its disqualification, the De Dion-Bouton had awed the world and set the precedent for a focus on speed and daring in a motor race.

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