David Luckett (nicknamed "Lucy") is a former F1 mechanic from Great Britain, who has worked worked for many Grand Prix constructors. As a mechanic at Arrows, he was injured in the 1981 Belgian Grand Prix after being run in to by Siegfried Stohr.

Luckett later joined Simtek as chief mechanic in 1995, before returning to Arrows-Hart the following year. As of 2010, Luckett now works at Patron Highcroft Racing and specialises in vintage race car restoration in the UK & US.[1]


After a fatal incident on Friday practice which led to the death of Italian Osella mechanic Giovanni Amadeo, another serious accident was to further mar the race weekend, involving Luckett, a mechanic from the Arrows team. The Briton was trying to restart Riccardo Patrese's car on the startline when he was hit by the second Arrows of Siegfried Stohr. Luckett suffered broken legs and facial cuts in the smash, but later made a full recovery.

These incidents led the mechanics for the other teams to protest over the safety measures protecting them, which was soon joined by several drivers who left their cars.


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