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Cosworth is a high-performance engineering company founded in 1958 in London. They specialise in engines and electronics for motorsports, and possibly most notably in Formula One. They are based Northampton, England; have North America facilities in Torrance (California), Indianapolis (Indiana) and Mooresville (North Carolina), and an Indian facility in Pune.

The name "Cosworth" comes from the founders, Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth.

In a partnership with Ford, they started supplying engines in Formula One in 1963, but the first win was not achieved until 1967, with Jim Clark winning the Dutch Grand Prix for Lotus.

In 1969, they attempted to make their own four-wheel-drive car, but this project failed.

By the mid-70's, they nearly supplied engines to the whole field (notable exceptions being Ferrari and BRM), and achieved considerable success.

After falling behind in the 80's (the turbo era), they made their way back to success, and powered the Jaguar cars in the early 2000s when Ford took over Stewart Grand Prix. They left the sport in 2006.

In 2010, they returned, powering Williams, Lotus, HRT and Virgin. In 2011, Lotus left for Renault power, and in 2012, Williams did likewise.

They supplied the Marussia in 2013, before they would not supply any team in 2014.

Engine Use Summary[]

By Constructor[]

Constructor Years
Bellasi 19701971
Brabham 19691977, 19791982
Cosworth 1969
De Tomaso 19701971
HRT 20102012
Ligier 19791980, 1983, 19891990
Lola 1968, 19741975, 19861988, 1991, 1997
Lotus (1958-1994) 19671983, 19921993
Lotus (2010-2011) 2010
March 19701978, 19811982, 1987
Marussia 20122013
Matra 19671969
McLaren 19681983, 1993
Minardi 1985, 19881990, 19931996, 19982001, 20032005
Surtees 19701978
Toro Rosso 2006
Tyrrell 19701985, 19871990, 19971998
Virgin 20102011
Williams 19771983, 2006, 20102011


This includes statistics from both Ford Cosworth and Cosworth engines.

As of the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

Races entered 681
Cars entered 7297
Cars started 6122
Pole positions 140
Front row starts 304
Victories 176
Podium 535
Fastest laps 161
Points 4463.50
Laps raced 280275
Distance raced 1325209.977 km
Races led 332
Laps led 10662
Distance led 49124.159 km

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