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The Cooper Car Company was founded in 1946 raced in Formula One between 1953 and 1968, winning two drivers and constructor's championships by completing the double in both 1959 and 1960.

They competed in 129 races, winning 16, claiming pole in 11, and setting the fastest lap in 14. The model T43 shocked the racing world, becoming the first rear-engined car to win a Formula One race, with Stirling Moss winning the season opener in Argentina and Maurice Trintignant taking the subsequent race at Monaco. Thus triggering the rear-engined revolution.

Formula 1 World Championship[]




The first Cooper car to appear in the Formula 1 World Championship was the diminutive T12. It was powered by the two cylinder JAP engine, which to this day stands as the engine with the fewest cylinders. It was notable for being the first rear engined Formula 1 car, along with the first car to appear in the championship to have its engine and its chassis constructed by different manufacturers.

It was privately entered into the second round of the season at Monaco by Harry Schell, under the name Horschell Racing Corporation. Schell missed practice as he was participating in the supporting Formula 3 race, so lined up in the last grid slot. He was eliminated in the first lap pileup. This was the only appearence of Cooper until 1952, and the only appearence of the Horschell Racing Company.

Season by Season Record[]


Drivers' Champions in bold.

Year Name Chassis Tyres Engine Drivers WCC Ranking
1953 Cooper Car Company


Dunlop Bristol
Stirling Moss
John Barber
Alan Brown
Adolfo Schwelm Cruz
1955 Cooper Car Company T40 Dunlop Bristol Jack Brabham N/A
1957 Cooper Car Company T43 Dunlop
Climax sd N/A
1958 Cooper Car Company


Dunlop Climax Jack Brabham
Roy Salvadori
Bruce McLaren
Ian Burgess
Jack Fairman
Andre Guelfi
Francois Picard
Tom Bridger
Robert la Caze
3rd (31 pts)
1959 Cooper Car Company T51 Dunlop Climax Jack Brabham
Bruce McLaren
Masten Gregory
Giorgio Scarletti
1st (43 pts)
1960 Cooper Car Company T51
Dunlop Climax Jack Brabham
Bruce McLaren
Chuck Daigh
Ron Flockhart
1st (48 pts)
1961 Cooper Car Company T55
Dunlop Climax Jack Brabham
Bruce McLaren
4th (14 pts)
1962 Cooper Car Company Climax Bruce McLaren
Tony Maggs
Timmy Mayer
3rd (29 pts)
1963 Cooper Car Company Climax Bruce McLaren
Tony Maggs
5th (25 pts)
1964 Cooper Car Company Climax Bruce McLaren
Phil Hill
John Love
5th (16 pts)
1965 Cooper Car Company Climax Bruce McLaren
Jochen Rindt
5th (14 pts)
1966 Cooper Car Company Maserati Jochen Rindt
Richie Ginther
Chris Amon
John Surtees
Moises Solana
3rd (30 pts)
1967 Cooper Car Company Maserati Jochen Rindt
Pedro Rodríguez
Richard Attwood
Jacky Ickx
3rd (28 pts)
1968 Cooper Car Company Maserati
Ludovico Scarfiotti
Brian Redman
Lucien Bianchi
Vic Elford
Robin Widdows
7th (14 pts)


Year Entrant Chassis Engine Tyre Drivers Rounds
1950 United States Horschell Racing Corporation T12 JAP V2 1.1L D United States Harry Schell 2

Formula One World Championship Results[]

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