Charlie Moody (July 1, 1956 - November 22, 2011) was a Formula One ex-mechanic and team manager from the United Kingdom. He was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.[1]


Moody first started in F1 in 1977 as a Mechanic for Walter Wolf's Wolf team, which won its very first race.

He would follow Keke Rosberg to Williams where the Finn won the Championship in 1982.

He became the Leyton House team manager in May 1990. He remained with the team through a series of setbacks and by the time the team closed down in 1993 he was the only force holding the whole operation together.

He returned to F1 the following year with the new Simtek team and guided the team through the difficult times after the death of Roland Ratzenberger at Imola that season. He continued at Simtek until the team folded in mid-1995.

He died on 22nd November 2011 from neuromuscular disorder at the age of just 55.

Personal lifeEdit

Moody was married to Arlene and had two sons, Wil and Nic.[1]


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