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Brawn GP Formula One Team, the trading name of Brawn GP Limited was a Formula One constructor who were created from a management buyout of Honda Racing F1 Team. The team only competed in the 2009 Formula One season, and won the Constructors Championship that season, and Jenson Button won the Drivers' Championship. They are the only team with a 100% record in both championships.

During their one and only season in F1, Brawn secured 31 points finishes out of a possible 34, and eight wins out of seventeen races – a 47.06% success rate.

For 2010, the team's engine supplier, Mercedes had purchased a 75.1% stake in Brawn GP in partnership with Aabar Investments, and the team became Mercedes Grand Prix.

Key Personnel[]

Team Principals[]


Technical Directors[]

Formula One Record[]


Year Car Engine Tyres No. Drivers Rounds WCC Pts WCC Pos Test Drivers Report
2009 BGP 001 Mercedes B 22 United Kingdom Jenson Button All 172 1st United Kingdom Anthony Davidson
Austria Alexander Wurz
23 Brazil Rubens Barrichello All

Complete Formula One Results[]

Complete Formula One Results
Car Engine Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Pts. Pos.
2009 Flag of Australia Flag of Malaysia Flag of China Flag of Bahrain Flag of Spain Flag of Monaco Flag of Turkey Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Germany Flag of Hungary Flag of Europe Flag of Belgium Flag of Italy Flag of Singapore Flag of Japan Flag of Brazil Flag of the United Arab Emirates
BGP 001 Mercedes FO 108W 2.4 V8 United Kingdom Button 1st 1st 3rd 1st 1st 1st 1st 6th 5th 7th 7th Ret 2nd 5th 8th 5th 3rd 172 1st
Brazil Barrichello 2nd 5th 4th 5th 2nd 2nd Ret 3rd 6th 10th 1st 7th 1st 6th 7th 8th 4th
Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1st Winner Ret Retired
2nd Podium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5th Points finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14th Non-points finish TD Test driver
Italics Fastest Lap DNS Did not start
18th Classified finish (retired with >90% race distance) NC Non-classified finish (<90% race distance)
4thP Qualified for pole position [+] More Symbols
V T E Brawn GP Brawn GP
Ross Brawn · Nick Fry · Loïc Bigois · Jörg Zander
Former drivers
22. United Kingdom Jenson Button · 23. Brazil Rubens BarrichelloTest drivers
United Kingdom Adrian Quaife-Hobbs · Austria Alexander Wurz
BGP 001
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