Benetton Formula Ltd., commonly referred to simply as Benetton, was a Formula One constructor that participated from 1986 to 2001. The team was owned by the Benetton family who run a worldwide chain of clothing stores of the same name. In 2000 the team was purchased by Renault, but competed as Benetton for the 2001 season. In 2002 the team became Renault F1.

Statistical History[edit | edit source]

Team Names[edit | edit source]

Year(s) Name
19861990 Benetton Formula Ltd
19911993 Camel Benetton Ford
1994 Mild Seven Benetton Ford
19951997 Mild Seven Benetton Renault
19982000 Mild Seven Benetton Playlife
2001 Mild Seven Benetton Renault

By season[edit | edit source]

Year Name Car Tyres Engine Drivers WCC Results Test Drivers Reports
1986 Benetton Formula Ltd B186 Pirelli BMW Teo Fabi
Gerhard Berger
6th (19 pts) Andy Wallace
Giovanni Amati
Paolo Barilla
1987 Benetton Formula Ltd B187 Goodyear Ford Teo Fabi
Thierry Boutsen
5th (28 pts) Johnny Dumfries
Emmanuele Pirro
1988 Benetton Formula Ltd B188 Goodyear Ford Thierry Boutsen
Alesssandro Nannini
3rd (39 pts) Johnny Dumfries
Gary Brabham
1989 Benetton Formula Ltd B188
Goodyear Ford Alessandro Nannini
Johnny Herbert
Emmanuele Pirro
4th (39 pts) Johnny Dumfries
Gary Brabham
Johnny Herbert
1990 Benetton Formula Ltd B189B
Goodyear Ford Alessandro Nannini
Nelson Piquet
Roberto Moreno
3rd (71 pts) Johnny Dumfries
Roberto Moreno
1991 Camel Benetton Ford B190B
Pirelli Ford Nelson Piquet
Roberto Moreno
Michael Schumacher
4th (38.5 pts) N/A Report
1992 Camel Benetton Ford B191B
Goodyear Ford Michael Schumacher
Martin Brundle
3rd (91 pts) Alessandro Zanardi
Perry McCarthy
1993 Camel Benetton Ford B193
Goodyear Ford Michael Schumacher
Ricardo Patrese
3rd (72 pts) Alessandro Zanardi
Perry McCarthy
Paul Belmondo
Allan McNish
Andrea Montermini
1994 Mild Seven Benetton Ford B194 Goodyear Ford Michael Schumacher
Jos Verstappen
JJ Lehto
Johnny Herbert
2nd (103 pts) Jos Verstappen
Paul Tracy
1995 Mild Seven Benetton Renault B195 Goodyear Renault Michael Schumacher
Johnny Herbert
1st (147 pts) Jos Verstappen
Emmanuel Collard
1996 Mild Seven Benetton Renault B196 Goodyear Renault Gerhard Berger
Jean Alesi
3rd (68 pts) Vincenzo Sospiri Report
1997 Mild Seven Benetton Renault B197 Goodyear Renault Gerhard Berger
Jean Alesi
Alexander Wurz
3rd (67 pts) Alexander Wurz Report
1998 Mild Seven Benetton Playlife B198 Bridgestone Playlife Alexander Wurz
Giancarlo Fisichella
5th (33 pts) N/A Report
1999 Mild Seven Benetton Playlife B199 Bridgestone Playlife Alexander Wurz
Giancarlo Fisichella
6th (16 pts) Laurent Rédon Report
2000 Mild Seven Benetton Playlife B200 Bridgestone Playlife Alexander Wurz
Giancarlo Fisichella
4th (20 pts) Hidetoshi Mitsuada
Antônio Pizzonia
2001 Mild Seven Benetton Renault B201 Michelin Renault Giancarlo Fisichella
Jenson Button
7th (10 pts) Mark Webber
Oliver Gavin

Notes[edit | edit source]

V T E List of World Constructors' Champions
1950: none
1951: none
1952: none
1953: none
1954: none
1955: none
1956: none
1957: none
1958: Vanwall
1959: Cooper-Climax
1960: Cooper-Climax
1961: Ferrari
1962: BRM
1963: Lotus-Climax
1964: Ferrari
1965: Lotus-Climax
1966: Brabham-Repco
1967: Brabham-Repco
1968: Lotus-Ford Cosworth
1969: Matra-Ford Cosworth
1970: Lotus-Ford Cosworth
1971: Tyrrell-Ford Cosworth
1972: Lotus-Ford Cosworth
1973: Lotus-Ford Cosworth
1974: McLaren-Ford Cosworth
1975: Ferrari
1976: Ferrari
1977: Ferrari
1978: Lotus-Ford Cosworth
1979: Ferrari
1980: Williams-Ford Cosworth
1981: Williams-Ford Cosworth
1982: Ferrari
1983: Ferrari
1984: McLaren-TAG
1985: McLaren-TAG
1986: Williams-Honda
1987: Williams-Honda
1988: McLaren-Honda
1989: McLaren-Honda
1990: McLaren-Honda
1991: McLaren-Honda
1992: Williams-Renault
1993: Williams-Renault
1994: Williams-Renault
1995: Benetton-Renault
1996: Williams-Renault
1997: Williams-Renault
1998: McLaren-Mercedes
1999: Ferrari
2000: Ferrari
2001: Ferrari
2002: Ferrari
2003: Ferrari
2004: Ferrari
2005: Renault
2006: Renault
2007: Ferrari
2008: Ferrari
2009: Brawn-Mercedes
2010: Red Bull-Renault
2011: Red Bull-Renault
2012: Red Bull-Renault
2013: Red Bull-Renault
2014: Mercedes
2015: Mercedes
2016: Mercedes
2017: Mercedes
2018: Mercedes
2019: Mercedes
2020: Mercedes
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