San Marino Grand Prix Edit

First Qualifying Edit

"The Williams team may have some late revisions to the car, even testing on Wednesday evening at Donnington. On Thursday at Donnington." Andrew Marriott. First Qualifying.

"Indeed, I saw the truck. I was leaving Silverstone and as I left the circuit, I saw their truck going to Donnington. That just shows you the pressure that is in Formula One today. The team's are prepared to go testing on the day when they are really meant to be at the race track that they are competing at." John Watson. First Qualifying.

"Also the latest Renault RS02 engine. That superb V10, they've upgraded it since Brazil and its meant to have more power. It is definately one of the most powerful engines." Andrew Marriott. First Qualifying.

Race Edit

"The Williams cars, the Patrese car and the Boutsen car full of dry ice. They were wondering if it was going to get hotter during the race. The radiators are full of dry ice." John Bisignano.

"There is no doubt about it, that Renault V10 engine has come on a lot, this is their second generation engine and they are going extremely well." David Hobbs.

"McLaren are very happy with their V10 and in fact, Ron Dennis told me, the only people who can really compete with us here at San Marino is the Williams team with the Renault engine. It's a very low torque engine and up and down these hills, its just what people want. Ron Dennis is worried about Williams in the later stages of this event." John Bisignano. 

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