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== San Marino Grand Prix ==
== ==
=== Saturday Qualifying ===
* ''"Boutsen had some problems this morning. He was complaining about brakes, and of course, brakes are very important on the Imola circuit. You've got three or four places where you really have to get on the brakes heavily. They have managed to cure that and we are going to see if Boutsen can make up for the lack of braking in the morning in this afternoon's timed session. ''
=== Race ===
* ''"Interesting to see that Thierry Boutsen is the man to have moved up... and there we see Patrese locking up as he goes in."''
* "''And there you see Gerhard Berger trying to make that move in the same location as he tried the last time on Thierry Boutsen. But Thierry Boutsen not willing to let it go.''"
* ''"That puts Thierry Boutsen in the lead here!"'' David Hobbs after Senna retires.
* ''"A bit of a surprise"''
* ''"He had a bit of a problem start to the weekend."''
* ''"Thierry Boutsen has been slower than his teammate, all weekend. Until today of course and today is the one that counts."''
* ''"Boutsen did a lot of testing here during the period between Brazil. He had what the British magazines called "A Big Moment" which I think is one of the great understatements coming off one of the fast straightaways. He spun 6 times as a matter of fact. Managed to avoid hitting anything.  ''
* ''"Thierry Boutsen has a lot at stake here. He won two races last year in the wet. Won at Montreal in the wet and of course the dreaded Adelaide but still all inn all he hasn't had quite the career in the Williams-Renault car. But now is his chance to really try and win one fair and square." ''David Hobbs.
* ''"Especially after what happened in Brazil. You know he had a shot at that race. His biggest problem was that he came into the pits and misjudged it." ''
* ''"Well he did misjudge it, but he did have a bit of a reason and that was that his brakes were going away from him there which was why he dropped off the pace slightly in the first place. "'' David Hobbs. 
* ''"It certainly put Thierry off his stride and he ended up fifth." ''David Hobbs.
* ''"This particular circuit, he doesn't even like. He talks about the chicaes being a problem here."''
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