Brazilian Grand Prix Edit

  • "It was Nakajima, the last car on the lead lap, you have no doubt deduced by now that it was Nakajima in the Tyrrell that he came together with." - Bob Varsha on Nakajima and Senna's collision.
  • "Out of all people to try a trick like that with, Nakajima is the last guy out there to do that because he is not looking." - David Hobbs on Nakajima and Senna's collision.

San Marino Grand Prix Edit

Build-Up Edit

  • "The former Lotus driver carries number three and was in the points at Phoenix, but it was his teammate Jean Alesi who has proved the sensation of the season so far." Andrew Marriott. Eurosport. 1990 San Marino Grand Prix Build-Up.

Race Edit

  • "Satoru Nakajima wondering around there. Wondering what on earth happened." David Hobbs
  • "You see the Ferrari's get off and spread some dirt off. You wonder how much did that cause the crash. Was it a case of not being able to see."
  • "Satoru Nakajima didn't get out of his accident unscathed, the upper left arm has been damaged. He is holding the arm against him back to the medical centre. He is in the medical centre now, they do not think it is broken, but heavily bruised." John Bisignano.  
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