San Marino Grand Prix Edit

First Qualifying Edit

  • "Riccardo Patrese is another man who has run well in practice this morning. " Andrew Marriott. First Qualifying.
  • Those latest revisions to the Williams car are paying bonuses, Patrese is taking advantage of that." John Watson. First Qualifying.
  • "There Riccardo Patrese, the most experienced man in grand prix racing. Still enjoying his racing, in fact, enjoying it more than ever." Andrew Marriott. First Qualifying.
  • "1:24.4, third fastest. Patrese goes third. " Andrew Marriott.
  • "That's a very good time for Williams and Patrese" John Watson

Watson believed Patrese and Williams to be of the top three at the end of the first session.

Race Edit

  • Patrese locked his tyres on the second lap at Rivazza
  • "Patrese has had the highest total top speed on the straightaways this weekend and as a matter of fact, during the last session he was topping out at 190 mph. Faster than Senna, faster than Berger, faster than anybody!" 
  • "There is no doubt about it, that Renault V10 engine has come on a lot, this is their second generation engine and they are going extremely well." David Hobbs.
  • "That's Nigel Mansell, right behind Patrese" David Hobbs.
  • "Patrese of course, desperately wants to do well here in front of an Italian crowd."
  • "He has had so many races now, and totalling up the total number of races he has been in. It is time to have a victory. "
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