San Marino Grand Prix Edit

Qualifying Edit

  • "That is a bad accident. The front of the dashboard has been torn off. He's hit that tyre barrier, very, very hard indeed. John Watson
  • "He's got a lot of understeer. The front of the car is pushing, its not gripping. He's run wide, he has missed the second part of the apex and the second part of the corner. You can see his hands are getting crossed over, the back of the car has now slid wide. He's taken his hand off the steering wheel and that was a very heavy impact indeed." John Watson
  • "They've got truck tyres there, usually they have arm-co but they have truck tyres there" Andrew Marriott
  • "Yes, I would say that is almost too solid a tyre wall. You want those tyres to absorb impact, that is like hitting something solid. But fortunately we have seen Pierluigi Martini moving. But the front of the car is very severely damaged indeed. In fact it makes you wonder the new regulations are designed to save drivers. But the front of his car has been ripped off." John Watson
  • "He's on the stretcher, out of the car reasonably quickly and he is raising his head there." Andrew Marriott.
  • "It seems he is lucid, basically he has movement of all his limbs. Luckily Martini is a very short driver, you can see how much the front of the car has been chopped off." John Watson.

Post-Qualifying Edit

  • "The big news is that he has only chipped a bone in his ankle. He may even be back in time for Monaco." Andrew Marriott.
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