The 1990 McLaren season was McLaren's 25th season as a constructor. After the controversy of 1989 which soured their relationship at McLaren, Alain Prost left for Ferrari and taking his place as Ayrton Senna's team-mate was Gerhard Berger. Senna won the championship in yet again another controversial decider. In the Japanese Grand Prix, he collided with Prost at the very first corner, thus clinching the title for Senna.


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  • "The McLaren car, very last drop of fuel going into both cars. Its a very fuelly circuit here, they were shaking the car back and forth trying to get the last litre in." John Bisignano.
  • "McLaren are very happy with their V10 and in fact, Ron Dennis told me, the only people who can really compete with us here at San Marino is the Williams team with the Renault engine. It's a very low torque engine and up and down these hills, its just what people want. Ron Dennis is worried about Williams in the later stages of this event." " John Bisignano.

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