San Marino Grand Prix Edit

Friday Qualifying Edit

Donnelly was the first car shown to be out on track in the session.

  • "Good time from Martin Donnelly in his first season, remember. Martin Donnelly, twelfth fastest. Derek Warwick, he's in nineteenth place." Andrew Marriot

John Watson believed him to be of the top three drivers of the first qualifying session.

Saturday Qualifying Edit

  • "That looks like a mechanical failure. A great shame because Martin Donnelly has been going extremely well here in his third grand prix for Lotus-Lamborghini." John Watson.

Race Edit

  • "Martin Donnelly with a bad misfire they hoped they'd solved it on the grid." John Bisignano.
  • "Well let's hope Martin Donnelly's misfire has been cured because he got off to a terrible start in Phoenix when the poor guy's car got jammed in between two gears on the grid. So Martin Donnelly needs a good race here for Lotus." David Hobbs.
  • "There is a Lotus in the back and that is something we hadn't seen"
  • "Martin Donnelly backing his way off the course, fortunately though not really coming into contact with anybody."
  •  "Martin Donnelly was consistently quicker than him in every session. Whether it's a practice or a qualifying until right towards the end annd this morning, Derek was just a trace quicker than Donnelly. But Donnelly for a rookie in Formula One is doing extremely well. The Lotus team and the Camel people all think extremely highly of  a young Martin Donnelly. Of course, he learned it all from a certain older driver when they drove together in a Porsche 962 at Nurburgring, a couple of years ago. I can't remember who that driver is now.... " David Hobbs. "I can't imagine who that driver is." ESPN.
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