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== San Marino Grand Prix ==
=== Saturday Qualifying ===
''"That's Derek Warwick running away from the car, maybe he wants to get into the spare. He's stuck it in the sand and Derek Warwick, I know he is a bit happier in the car after this morning's practice session and hoping to move up the grid. But that is not a happy sight." ''- Andrew Marriot.
=== Race ===
*''"Derek Warwick of course glad to be in the race because the team he left at the end of the year, poor old Arrows did not make this field with either car. So a bit desperate there." ''David Hobbs.'' ''
*''"Derek Warwick had a bit of a tough weekend, he had been trying from the very beginning to get right on track and it wasn't until the very end, the second qualifying session that he was able to come up with a good time. In fact that was the first time he was able to beat his teammate Martin Donnelly."''
*'' "Martin Donnelly was consistently quicker than him in every session. Whether it's a practice or a qualifying until right towards the end annd this morning, Derek was just a trace quicker than Donnelly." ''David Hobbs.
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[[Category:1990 Formula One Season]]
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[[Category:Driver Reports]]

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