Brazilian Grand Prix Edit

"Prost is not a great qualifier, but he has an incredible record of fastest race laps and actually winning races. He has the most staggering ability to win races." - David Hobbs. ESPN. 1990 Brazilian Grand Prix.

"This is where Prost is so good, he knows how to win races. It seems to me that this is a secret that is just alluding Senna."- David Hobbs. ESPN. 1990 Brazilian Grand Prix.

San Marino Grand Prix Edit

  • "World Champion, Alain Prost has already taken the number one Ferrari to victory in Brazil. Prost, after all those years at McLaren has settled easily into the Ferrari team." - Andrew Marriott. Eurosport. Build-Up.
  • "Alain Prost is not only the master of the race track, he is the master of the Italian language which has been a big problem for Nigel Mansell recently." John Watson. Eurosport. First Qualifying.
  • "There is Alain Prost in the second of the Ferrari's and right behind him is still Jean Alesi in the first V8." David Hobbs.
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