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The 1957 FIA Formula One World Championship was the eighth edition of the FIA Formula One World Championship, staged between the 13th of January and the 8th of September.


Teams and Drivers[]

Outlined below is the full list of teams and drivers for the 1957 FIA Formula One World Championship:

Formula One[]

Constructor Chassis Tyre Driver Rounds
Team Engine
Maserati 250F P Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio 1–2, 4–8
Italy Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F1 2.5 V12
United Kingdom Stirling Moss 1
France Jean Behra 1, 4–8
Argentina Carlos Menditeguy 1–2, 4–5
Italy Giorgio Scarlatti 2, 6–8
United States Harry Schell 2, 4–8
West Germany Hans Herrmann 2
Lancia-Ferrari D50
United Kingdom Peter Collins 1–2, 4–6, 8
Italy Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari DS50 2.5 V8 Italy Luigi Musso 1, 4–8
Italy Eugenio Castellotti 1
United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn 1–2, 4–6, 8
West Germany Wolfgang von Trips 1–2, 8
Italy Cesare Perdisa 1
Spain Alfonso de Portago 1
Argentina José Froilán González 1
France Maurice Trintignant 2, 4–5
P United States Harry Schell 1
Italy Scuderia Centro Sud Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Ferrari 625 2.5 L4
Sweden Jo Bonnier 1, 7–8
Argentina Alejandro de Tomaso 1
United States Masten Gregory 2, 6–8
France André Simon 2
West Germany Hans Herrmann 6
Maserati 250F P Italy Luigi Piotti 1–2, 7–8
Italy Privateer Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
BRM P25 D United Kingdom Ron Flockhart 2, 4
United Kingdom Owen Racing Organisation BRM P25 2.5 L4 United Kingdom Roy Salvadori 2
United States Herbert MacKay-Fraser 4
United Kingdom Jack Fairman 5
United Kingdom Les Leston 5
Connaught-Alta B D United Kingdom Stuart Lewis-Evans 2
United Kingdom Connaught Engineering Alta GP 2.5 L4 United Kingdom Ivor Bueb 2
Cooper-Climax T43 A
Australia Jack Brabham 2, 4, 7
United Kingdom Cooper Car Company Climax FPF 2.0 L4 United Kingdom Les Leston 2
United Kingdom Mike MacDowel 4
United Kingdom Roy Salvadori 5, 7
Vanwall VW 5 P United Kingdom Stirling Moss 2, 5–8
United Kingdom Vandervell Products Vanwall 254 2.5 L4 United Kingdom Tony Brooks 2, 5–8
United Kingdom Stuart Lewis-Evans 4–8
United Kingdom Roy Salvadori 4
Maserati 250F D United Kingdom Horace Gould 2, 4–8
United Kingdom H.H. Gould Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F P Sweden Jo Bonnier 5
Sweden Jo Bonnier Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F D United Kingdom Ivor Bueb 5
United Kingdom Gilby Engineering Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Cooper-Climax T43 D Australia Jack Brabham 5
United Kingdom R.R.C. Walker Racing Team Climax FPF 2.0 L4
Cooper-Bristol T44 D United Kingdom Bob Gerard 5
United Kingdom Bob Gerard Bristol BS2 2.2 L6
Maserati 250F D United Kingdom Bruce Halford 6–8
United Kingdom Privateer Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F P Spain Francisco Godia-Sales 6–8
Spain Privateer Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F P Switzerland Ottorino Volonterio 8
Switzerland Privateer Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6 France André Simon 8

Formula Two[]

Constructor Chassis Tyre Driver Rounds
Team Engine
Porsche RS550 Italy Umberto Maglioli 6
West Germany Dr Ing F. Porsche KG Porsche 547/3 1.5 F4 West Germany Edgar Barth 6
Cooper-Climax T43 D United Kingdom Roy Salvadori 6
United Kingdom Cooper Car Company Climax FPF 1.5 L4
Cooper-Climax T43 D Australia Jack Brabham 6
United Kingdom R.R.C. Walker Racing Team Climax FPF 1.5 L4
Cooper-Climax T41
D United Kingdom Tony Marsh 6
United Kingdom Ridgeway Managements Climax FPF 1.5 L4
Climax FWB 1.5 L4
Australia Paul England 6
Porsche RS550 D Netherlands Carel Godin de Beaufort 6
Netherlands Ecurie Maarsbergen Porsche 547/3 1.5 F4
Cooper-Climax T43 D United Kingdom Brian Naylor 6
United Kingdom J.B. Naylor Climax FPF 1.5 L4
Cooper-Climax T43 D United Kingdom Dick Gibson 6
United Kingdom Privateer Climax FPF 1.5 L4


World Championship Schedule[]

Round Grand Prix Date
1 Argentina Argentine Grand Prix 13 January
Autódromo Oscar y Juan Gálvez Circuito N° 2 (Histórico).svg
Official Title V Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina
Circuit Autódromo Municipal Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Location Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lap distance 3.912 km (2.431 mi)
Race distance 391.200 km (243.132 mi)
Date 13 January Laps 100
2 Monaco Monaco Grand Prix 19 May
Monte Carlo 648.svg
Official Title XVe Grand Prix Automobile
Circuit Circuit de Monaco
Location Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco
Lap distance 3.145 km (1.955 mi)
Race distance 330.225 km (205.236 mi)
Date 19 May Laps 100
3 United States Indianapolis 500 30 May
IMS oval.svg
Official Title 41st International 500-Mile Sweepstakes
Circuit Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Location United States Speedway, Indiana, USA
Lap distance 4.023 km (2.5 mi)
Race distance 804.600 km (500.062 mi)
Date 30 May Laps 200
4 France French Grand Prix 7 July
Rouen Les Essarts 1955.png
Official Title 43e Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.
Circuit Rouen-Les-Essarts
Location France Orival, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France
Lap distance 6.542 km (4.066 mi)
Race distance 503.734 km (313.073 mi)
Date 7 July Laps 77
5 United Kingdom British Grand Prix 20 July
Circuit Aintree.png
Official Title Grand Prix d'Europe
Incorporating the 10th R.A.C. British Grand Prix
Circuit Aintree Motor Racing Circuit
Location United Kingdom Aintree, Merseyside, UK
Lap distance 4.828 km (3.001 mi)
Race distance 434.520 km (270.056 mi)
Date 20 July Laps 90
6 West Germany German Grand Prix 4 August
Nürburgring 1927.png
Official Title XIX Grosser Preis von Deutschland
Circuit Nürburgring Nordschleife
Location West Germany Nürburg, West Germany
Lap distance 22.810 km (14.177 mi)
Race distance 501.820 km (311.883 mi)
Date 4 August Laps 22
7 Abruzzo Pescara Grand Prix 18 August
Circuit Pescara.svg.png
Official Title 25° Gran Premio Pescara
Circuit Pescara Circuit
Location Italy Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy
Lap distance 25.578 km (15.897 mi)
Race distance 460.404 km (286.143 mi)
Date 18 August Laps 18
8 Italy Italian Grand Prix 8 September
Monza 1957.jpg
Official Title 28° Gran Premio d'Italia
Circuit Autodromo Nazionale Monza
Location Italy Monza, Italy
Lap distance 5.750 km (3.574 mi)
Race distance 500.250 km (310.907 mi)
Date 8 September Laps 87

Non-Championship Schedule[]

Date Event Circuit Report
27th January Argentina XI Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Report
7th April Italy VII Gran Premio di Siracusa Syracuse Report
22nd April France XVII Grand Prix Automobile de Pau Pau Report
United Kingdom V Glover Trophy Goodwood Report
28th April Italy X Gran Premio di Napoli Posillipo Report
14th July France II Grand Prix de Reims Reims Report
28th July France V Grand Prix de Caen Caen Report
14th September United Kingdom IX International Daily Express Trophy Meeting Silverstone Report
22nd September Italy V Gran Premio di Modena Modena Report
27th October Morocco VI Grand Prix International Automobile de Maroc Ain-Diab Report



1957 Argentine Grand Prix[]

1957 Monaco Grand Prix[]

1957 Indianapolis 500[]

1957 French Grand Prix[]

1957 British Grand Prix[]

1957 German Grand Prix[]

1957 Pescara Grand Prix[]

1957 Italian Grand Prix[]




World Championship for Drivers[]

Outlined below are the full standings from the 1957 FIA Formula One World Championship for Drivers:

World Championship for Drivers
Pos. Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Pts.
Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Monaco.svg 48-star U S flag.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Abruzzo bandiera.svg Flag of Italy.svg
1st Juan Manuel Fangio 1st 1st 1st Ret 1st 2nd 2nd 40 (46)
2nd Stirling Moss 8th Ret 1st 5th 1st 1st 25
3rd Luigi Musso Ret 2nd 2nd 4th Ret 8th 16
4th Mike Hawthorn Ret Ret 4th 3rd 2nd Ret 13
5th Tony Brooks 2nd 1st 9th Ret 7th 11
6th Masten Gregory 3rd 8th 4th 4th 10
= Harry Schell 4th Ret 5th Ret 7th 3rd 5th 10
8th Sam Hanks 1st 8
= Peter Collins 6th Ret 3rd 4th 3rd Ret 8
10th Jim Rathmann 2nd 7
11th Peter Collins 2nd 6th Ret 6th Ret Ret 6
12th Stuart Lewis-Evans 4th Ret 7th Ret 5th Ret 5
= Maurice Trintignant 5th Ret 4th 5
14th Wolfgang von Trips 6th Ret 3rd 4
= Carlos Menditeguy 3rd Ret Ret Ret 4
= Jimmy Bryan 3rd 4
17th Paul Russo 4th 3
18th Roy Salvadori DNQ Ret 5th Ret* Ret 2
= Andy Linden 5th 2
20th Giorgio Scarlatti Ret 10th 6th 5th 1
= Alfonso de Portago 5th 1
= José Froilán González 5th 1
Jack Brabham 6th 7th Ret Ret* 7th 0
Johnny Boyd 6th 0
Bob Gerard 6th 0
Cesare Perdisa 6th 0
Jo Bonnier 7th Ret Ret Ret 0
Marshall Teague 7th 0
Mike MacDowel 7th 0
Ivor Bueb Ret 8th 0
Pat O'Connor 8th 0
Francisco Godia-Sales Ret Ret 9th 0
Alejandro de Tomaso 9th 0
Bob Veith 9th 0
Luigi Piotti 10th DNQ Ret Ret 0
Horace Gould Ret Ret DNS Ret Ret 10th 0
Gene Hartley 10th 0
Bruce Halford 11th Ret Ret 0
Jack Turner 11th 0
Ottorino Volonterio 11th 0
André Simon DNQ 11th 0
Johnny Thomson 12th 0
Bob Christie 13th 0
Chuck Weyant 14th 0
Tony Bettenhausen 15th 0
Johnnie Parsons 16th 0
Don Freeland 17th 0
Ron Flockhart Ret Ret 0
Hans Herrmann DNQ Ret 0
Les Leston DNQ Ret 0
Eugenio Castellotti Ret 0
Jimmy Reece Ret 0
Don Edmunds Ret 0
Johnnie Tolan Ret 0
Al Herman Ret 0
Fred Agabashian Ret 0
Eddie Sachs Ret 0
Mike Magill Ret 0
Eddie Johnson Ret 0
Bill Cheesbourg Ret 0
Al Keller Ret 0
Jimmy Daywalt Ret 0
Ed Elisian Ret 0
Rodger Ward Ret 0
Troy Ruttman Ret 0
Eddie Russo Ret 0
Elmer George Ret 0
Herbert MacKay-Fraser Ret 0
Jack Fairman Ret 0
Ineligible to score points as other drivers drove Formula Two cars.
Edgar Barth 12th
Brian Naylor 13th
Carel Godin de Beaufort 14th
Tony Marsh 15th
Umberto Maglioli Ret
Paul England Ret
Dick Gibson Ret
Pos. Driver Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Monaco.svg 48-star U S flag.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Flag of Germany.svg Abruzzo bandiera.svg Flag of Italy.svg Pts.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  • Italic indicates the fastest lap.
  • * Ineligible to score points as Brabham and Salvadori drove Formula Two cars.
  • Indicates shared driving.


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