The I Avon Trophy was a non-championship Grand Prix which was held at the Castle Combe Circuit on October 1st, 1955, three weeks after the end of the season. It was the inaugural running of the Avon Trophy, and the last race, run to Formula One regulations, to be held at the circuit.

The race was won from pole by American, Harry Schell, ahead of privateer, Horace Gould, in second and Bob Gerard in third.


The Castle Combe circuit, converted from an airfield just five years earlier, welcomed Formula One racing for the fourth consecutive year, having hosted the Joe Fry Memorial Trophy in previous years.

The inaugural Avon Trophy, although post-season and non-championship, was attended by numerous championship contenders from the 1955 season, as well as some new faces ahead of 1956. Among those who entered the race were American, Harry Schell, privateer, Horace Gould and Frenchman, Louis Rosier. Peter Collins and future championship runner-up, Tony Brooks also attended.


Qualifying ResultsEdit

1 26United States Harry SchellVanwall1m14.41
2 6United Kingdom Horace GouldMaserati+0.62
3 12United Kingdom Bob GerardCooper-Bristol+0.63
4 30United Kingdom Tony BrooksConnaught-Lea-Francis+2.64
5 10United Kingdom Roy SalvadoriMaserati+2.85
6 4France Louis RosierMaserati+3.26
7 40United Kingdom Graham WhiteheadConnaught-Lea-Francis+3.27
8 2United Kingdom Peter WalkerConnaught-Alta+4.48
9 20United Kingdom Paul EmeryEmeryson-Alta+5.89
10 34United Kingdom Tom KyffinCooper-Bristol+9.010
11 28United Kingdom Alastair BirrellCooper-Bristol+12.411
12 32United Kingdom Dick GibsonConnaught-Lea-Francis+12.412
13 14United Kingdom Peter CollinsMaseratiunknown13
14 18United Kingdom Michael YoungConnaught-Altaunknown14
DNA 8United Kingdom Les LestonMaserati
DNA 16United Kingdom Ron FlockhartBRM
DNA 22United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrari
DNA 36United Kingdom Bruce HalfordCooper-Bristol
DNA 38United Kingdom John YoungConnaught-Lea-Francis

Pos Pos Pos Pos
Driver Driver Driver Driver
1 ______________
Harry Schell 2 ______________
Horace Gould 3 ______________
Bob Gerard 4
Tony Brooks
5 ______________
Roy Salvadori 6 ______________
Louis Rosier 7 ______________
Graham Whitehead 8
Peter Walker
9 ______________
Paul Emery 10 ______________
Tom Kyffin 11 ______________
Alastair Birrell 12
Dick Gibson
13 ______________
Peter Collins 14 ______________
Michael Young 15 ______________



1 26United States Harry SchellVanwall55 Laps
2 6United Kingdom Horace GouldMaserati+20.0 s
3 12United Kingdom Bob GerardCooper-Bristol+32.6 s
4 10United Kingdom Roy SalvadoriMaseratiLap 55[1]
5 30United Kingdom Tony BrooksConnaught-Lea-Francis+1 Lap
6 40United Kingdom Graham WhiteheadConnaught-Lea-Francis+1 Lap
7 32United Kingdom Dick GibsonConnaught-Lea-Francis+2 Laps
8 2United Kingdom Peter WalkerConnaught-Lea-FrancisDNF (gearbox)
9 18United Kingdom Michael YoungConnaught-Lea-Francis???
10 20United Kingdom Paul EmeryConnaught-Lea-Francis???
Not classified
Ret 4France Louis RosierMaseratiBroken shock absorber (Lap 19)
Ret 14United Kingdom Peter CollinsMaseratiSuspension (Lap 10)
Ret 28United Kingdom Alastair BirrellCooper-Bristol
Ret 34United Kingdom Tom KyffinCooper-Bristol


  1. Actual gap is currently unknown.

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