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The 1954 Formula One season was the 5th running of the FIA Formula One World Championship, which commenced on January 17, 1954, and ended on October 24 after nine races. There were also 25 races that, while run to Formula One rules, did not count towards championship standings.

Season summary[]

With the formula changing to 2.5 litres unsupercharged, Mercedes re-entered grand prix racing for the first time since the Second World War at the French Grand Prix with a streamlined single seater which Juan Manuel Fangio and Karl Kling took to a dominating 1–2 win. Fangio's French success had come after switching from the Maserati team with whom he had won the first two Grands Prix of the season. Although the streamlined body proved unsuitable for Silverstone, Mercedes produced a more conventional body for the Nürburgring and Fangio won three of the remaining four races. Reigning champion Alberto Ascari had a less successful switch of teams, choosing to leave Ferrari for the newly formed Lancia team. Unfortunately for him, Lancia's car, the D50, was not ready until the final World Championship race, meaning he had to sit out most of his title defence. Points were given to top 5 finishers (8, 6, 4, 3, 2). 1 point was given for fastest lap. Only the best five of nine scores counted towards the world championship. Points for shared drives were divided equally between the drivers, regardless of who had driven more laps unless one of the drivers was deemed to have completed "insufficient distance". Drivers who shared more than one car during a race received points only for their highest finish.

Season review[]

Rnd Race Date Location Winning driver Constructor Tyres Report
1 Argentina Argentine Grand Prix January 17 Oscar Gálves Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Italy Maserati P Report
2 United States Indianapolis 500 May 31 Indianapolis United States Bill Vukovich United States Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser F Report
3 Belgium Belgian Grand Prix June 20 Spa-Francorchamps Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Italy Maserati P Report
4 France French Grand Prix July 4 Reims Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Germany Mercedes C Report
5 United Kingdom British Grand Prix July 17 Silverstone Argentina José Froilán González Italy Ferrari P Report
6 Germany German Grand Prix August 1 Nürburgring Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Germany Mercedes C Report
7 Switzerland Swiss Grand Prix August 22 Bremgarten Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Germany Mercedes C Report
8 Italy Italian Grand Prix September 5 Monza Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Germany Mercedes C Report
9 Spain Spanish Grand Prix October 24 Pedralbes United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn Italy Ferrari P Report

Teams and Drivers[]

Outlined below is the full list of teams and drivers for the 1954 FIA Formula One World Championship:

Constructor Chassis Tyre Driver Rounds
Team Engine
Maserati A6GCM
P Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio 1, 3
Italy Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Argentina Onofre Marimón 1, 3–6
Italy Luigi Musso 1, 8–9
Thailand Prince Bira 1
Italy Sergio Mantovani 3–4, 6–9
Italy Alberto Ascari 4–5
Italy Luigi Villoresi 4–6, 8
Argentina Roberto Mieres 7–9
United Kingdom Stirling Moss 7–9
United States Harry Schell 7
France Louis Rosier 8
Spain Francisco Godia-Sales 9
Ferrari 500
P Italy Giuseppe Farina 1, 3
Italy Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 500 2.0 L4
Ferrari 554 2.5 L4
Ferrari 625 2.5 L4
Argentina José Froilán González 1, 3–8
United Kingdom Mike Hailwood 1, 3–9
Italy Umberto Maglioli 1, 7–8
France Maurice Trintignant 3–9
Italy Piero Taruffi 6
France Robert Manzon 7
Italy Alberto Ascari 8
Gordini T16 E France Jean Behra 1, 3–9
France Equipe Gordini Gordini 23 2.5 L6 France Élie Bayol 1
France Roger Loyer 1
Belgium Paul Frère 3–4, 6
Belgium André Pilette 3, 5–6
France Jacques Pollet 4, 9
Belgium Georges Berger 4
Argentina Clemar Bucci 5–8
United States Fred Wacker 7–8
France Louis Rosier 1, 4–6, 9
France Ecurie Rosier Ferrari 500 2.0 L4
Ferrari 625 2.5 L4
Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
France Maurice Trintignant 1
France Robert Manzon 4–6, 8–9
Maserati A6GCM
P United States Harry Schell 1, 4–6, 9
United States Privateer Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati A6GCM P Switzerland Emmanuel de Graffenried 1, 9
Switzerland Privateer Maserati A6 2.0 L6 Switzerland Ottorino Volonterio 9
Maserati A6GCM
P Argentina Roberto Mieres 1, 3–6
Argentina Privateer Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati A6GCM P Argentina Jorge Daponte 1, 8
Argentina Privateer Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Maserati A6GCM P Argentina Carlos Menditeguy 1
Argentina Onofre Marimón Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Ferrari 500 E Belgium Jacques Swaters 3, 7, 9
Belgium Ecurie Francorchamps Ferrari 500 2.0 L4
Maserati 250F P Thailand Prince Bira 3–6, 9
Thailand Privateer Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6 United Kingdom Ron Flockhart 5
Maserati 250F P United Kingdom Stirling Moss 3, 5–6
United Kingdom A.E. Moss
United Kingdom Equipe Moss
Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Mercedes-Benz W196
C Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio 4–9
West Germany Daimler-Benz AG Mercedes M196 2.5 L8 France Jean Behra 4–9
West Germany Hans Herrmann 4, 6–9
West Germany Hermann Lang 6
HWM-Alta 53 D United Kingdom Lance Macklin 4
United Kingdom H&W Motors Alta GP 2.5 L4
Maserati 250F D United Kingdom Ken Wharton 4–7, 9
United Kingdom Owen Racing Organisation Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Maserati 250F D United Kingdom Roy Salvadori 4–5
United Kingdom Gilby Engineering Maserati 250F1 2.5 L6
Ferrari 500 A United Kingdom Reg Parnell 5
Italy Scuderia Ambrosiana Ferrari 500 2.0 L4
Vanwall Special P United Kingdom Peter Collins 5, 8–9
United Kingdom G.A. Vandervell
United Kingdom Vandervell Products
Vanwall 254 2.5 L4
Cooper-Alta T24 D United Kingdom Peter Whitehead 5
United Kingdom Privateer Alta GP 2.5 L4
Connaught-Lea-Francis A D United Kingdom Bill Whitehouse 5
United Kingdom Privateer Lea-Francis 2.0 L4
Connaught-Lea-Francis A D United Kingdom Leslie Marr 5
United Kingdom Privateer Lea-Francis 2.0 L4
Connaught-Lea-Francis A D United Kingdom John Riseley-Prichard 5
United Kingdom R.R.C. Walker Racing Team Lea-Francis 2.0 L4
Connaught-Lea-Francis A D United Kingdom Don Beauman 5
United Kingdom Sir Jeremy Boles Lea-Francis 2.0 L4
Connaught-Lea-Francis A D United Kingdom Leslie Thorne 5
United Kingdom Ecurie Ecosse Lea-Francis 2.0 L4
Cooper-Bristol T23 D United Kingdom Alan Brown 5
United Kingdom R.J. Chase Bristol BS1 2.0 L6
Cooper-Bristol T23 D United Kingdom Horace Gould 5
United Kingdom Gould's Garage Bristol BS1 2.0 L6
Cooper-Bristol T23 D United Kingdom Bob Gerard 5
United Kingdom Bob Gerard Bristol BS1 2.0 L6
Cooper-Bristol T23 D United Kingdom Eric Brandon 5
United Kingdom Ecurie Richmond Bristol BS1 2.0 L6 United Kingdom Rodney Nuckey 5
Klenk-BMW Meteor P West Germany Theo Helfrich 6
West Germany Hans Klenk BMW 328 2.0 L6
Maserati A6GCM P Italy Giovanni de Riu 8
Italy Privateer Maserati A6 2.0 L6
Lancia D50 P Italy Alberto Ascari 9
Italy Scuderia Lancia Lancia DS50 2.5 V8 Italy Luigi Villoresi 9


World Championship Schedule[]

Non-Championship Schedule[]

Date Event Circuit Report
31st January Argentina X Gran Premio Ciudad de Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Report
11th April Sicily IV Gran Premio di Siracusa Syracuse Report
19th April United Kingdom VI Lavant Cup Goodwood Report
19th April France XV Grand Prix Automobile de Pau Pau Report
9th May France 3e Grand Prix Automobile Bordeaux Report
15th May United Kingdom IV Daily Express International Trophy Silverstone Report
22nd May Bari VII Gran Premio di Bari Bari Report
5th June United Kingdom II Curtis Trophy Snetterton Report
6th June Rome XIII Gran Premio di Roma Vallelunga Report
6th June Chimay XIII Grand Prix des Frontières Chimay Report
7th June Cornwall I Cornwall MRC Formula 1 Race Davidstow Report
7th June United Kingdom I BARC Formula 1 Race Goodwood Report
19th June United Kingdom II Crystal Palace Trophy Crystal Palace Report
11th July France 4e Grand Prix International Automobile Rouen Report
25th July France III Grand Prix de Caen Prairie Report
2nd August United Kingdom I August Cup Crystal Palace Report
2nd August Cornwall II Cornwall MRC Formula 1 Race Davidstow Report
7th August United Kingdom I Oulton Park Gold Cup Oulton Park Report
14th August United Kingdom Redex Trophy Snetterton Report
15th August Abruzzo XXIII Circuito di Pescara Pescara Report


Final Standings[]

World Championship for Drivers[]

Pos. Driver Flag of Argentina 48-star U S flag Flag of Belgium Flag of France Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Germany Flag of Switzerland Flag of Italy Flag of Spain 1945 1977 Pts.
1st Juan Manuel Fangio 1st 1stP 1stP 4thP 1stP 1st 1stP 3rd 42
(57 17)
2nd José Froilán González 3rd 4th Ret 1st 2nd 2ndP 3rd
25 17
(26 914)
3rd Mike Hawthorn DSQ 4th Ret 2nd 2nd Ret 2nd 1st 24 914
4th Maurice Trintignant 4th 2nd Ret 5th 3rd Ret 5th Ret 17
5th Karl Kling 2nd 7th 4th Ret Ret 5th 12
6th Bill Vukovich 1st 8
= Hans Herrmann Ret Ret 3rd 4th Ret 8
8th Luigi Musso DNS Ret 2nd 6
= Giuseppe Farina 2ndP Ret 6
= Jimmy Bryan 2nd 6
= Roberto Mieres Ret Ret Ret 6th Ret 4th Ret 4th 6
12th Jack McGrath 3rdP 5
13th Stirling Moss 3rd Ret Ret Ret 10th Ret 4 17
= Onofre Marimón Ret Ret Ret 3rd DNS 4 17
15th Robert Manzon 3rd Ret 9th DNS Ret Ret 4
= Sergio Mantovani 7th 5th 5th 9th Ret 4
17th Prince Bira 7th 6th 4th Ret Ret 9th 3
18th Umberto Maglioli 9th 7th 3rd 2
= André Pilette 5th 9th Ret 9th 2
= Luigi Villoresi 5th Ret DNS Ret Ret 2
= Élie Bayol 5th 2
= Mike Nazaruk 5th 2
23rd Troy Ruttman 4th 1 12
= Duane Carter 4th 1 12
25th Alberto Ascari Ret Ret Ret Ret 1 17
26th Jean Behra DSQ Ret 6th Ret 10th Ret Ret Ret 17
Harry Schell 6th Ret 12th 7th Ret Ret 0
Ken Wharton Ret 8th DNS 6th 8th 0
Fred Wacker Ret 6th 0
Fred Agabashian 6th 0
Piero Taruffi 6th 0
Francisco Godia-Sales 6th 0
Louis Rosier Ret Ret Ret 8th 8th 7th 0
Peter Collins Ret 7th DNS 0
Don Freeland 7th 0
Jacques Swaters Ret 8th Ret 0
Emmanuel de Graffenried 8th Ret 0
Paul Russo 8th 0
Larry Crockett 9th 0
Cal Niday 10th 0
Bob Gerard 10th 0
Jorge Daponte Ret 11th 0
Art Cross 11th 0
Don Beauman 11th 0
Chuck Stevenson 12th 0
Manny Ayulo 13th 0
Leslie Marr 13th 0
Bob Sweikert 14th 0
Leslie Thorne 14th 0
Horace Gould 15th 0
Jimmy Jackson 15th 0
Ernie McCoy 16th 0
Jimmy Reece 17th 0
Ed Elisian 18th 0
Frank Armi 19th 0
Clemar Bucci Ret Ret Ret Ret 0
Paul Frère Ret Ret Ret 0
Roy Salvadori Ret Ret 0
Jacques Pollet Ret Ret 0
Roger Loyer Ret 0
Sam Hanks Ret 0
Pat O'Connor Ret 0
Rodger Ward Ret 0
Gene Hartley Ret 0
Andy Linden Ret 0
Johnny Thomson Ret 0
Jerry Hoyt Ret 0
Jimmy Daywalt Ret 0
Tony Bettenhausen Ret 0
Spider Webb Ret 0
Tony Bettenhausen Ret 0
Bill Homeier Ret 0
Johnnie Parsons Ret 0
Len Duncan Ret 0
Pat Flaherty Ret 0
Jim Rathmann Ret 0
Lance Macklin Ret 0
Georges Berger Ret 0
Bill Whitehouse Ret 0
John Riseley-Prichard Ret 0
Reg Parnell Ret 0
Peter Whitehead Ret 0
Eric Brandon Ret 0
Ron Flockhart Ret 0
Hermann Lang Ret 0
Theo Helfrich Ret 0
Ottorino Volonterio Ret 0
Alan Brown DNS 0
Rodney Nuckey DNS 0
Giovanni de Riu DNQ 0
Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1st Winner Ret Retired
2nd Podium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5th Points finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14th Non-points finish TD Test driver
Italics Fastest Lap DNS Did not start
18th Classified finish (retired with >90% race distance) NC Non-classified finish (<90% race distance)
4thP Qualified for pole position [+] More Symbols
  • Position shared between multiple drivers of the same car
  • Fastest lap earns 1 point
  • Only the best 4 results counted towards the Championship. Numbers without parentheses are Championship points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored.


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