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The 1950 Formula One season was the inaugural FIA Formula One World Championship season, which commenced on May 13, 1950, and ended on September 3 after 7 races. The championship consisted of six Formula One races in Europe plus the Indianapolis 500, which was run to AAA/USAC regulations.

Giuseppe Farina became the first Italian and the first World Drivers' Champion during the FIA's inaugural season of Formula One. The Constructors' Championship did not begin until 1958.

Numerous other Formula One races, which did not count towards the Championship, were also held during the year.


1950 would be the penultimate season that would use the original Formula One ruleset that was stipulated by the AIACR in 1947.[1] The rules were simply that no supercharged car could exceed 1.5 litre engines whilst non-supercharged cars were restricted to 3 litre engines.[1]

Season Review[]

1950 Silverstone Farina Fagioli

Farina leads Fagioli at the British GP

1950 2 Farina Rosier Fangio

Carnage at Tabac

1950 3 Parsons

Parsons 1950 Indy winning car

1950 4 Ascari

Ascari battles in Bern

1950 Claes

Ecurie Belge Talbot-Lago

1950 6 Whitehead

Whitehead was the only Ferrari at Reims

1950 7 Farina

Farina cruises to the title

Round 1- United Kingdom 1950 British Grand Prix - Silverstone.[]

The British Royal family were present at the British Grand Prix to witness the dominant Alfa Romeos of Nino Farina, Juan Manuel Fangio and Luigi Fagioli storm around the circuit. Fangio would retire giving the early championship advantage to his teammates as Farina won, from Fagioli and Alfa Romeo guest driver Reg Parnell.

Round 2 - Monaco 1950 Monaco Grand Prix - Monaco.[]

The Alfa Romeos were joined on the front row of the grid by José Froilán González in his Maserati but it was Juan Manuel Fangio who got away better than his teammates leading around the first lap. When they got to the Tabac corner near the harbour, they found it had been flooded by a rogue wave. Nino Farina spun from 2nd and caused a multi-car pile-up as Fangio got away. He would win from Alberto Ascari in a Ferrari and Louis Chiron in a Maserati. Luigi Villoresi, who stalled in the mele and then charged back to second place, retired his Ferrari with a broken rear axle.

Round 3 - United States 1950 Indianapolis 500 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway.[]

None of the championship main runners attended this race, won by Johnnie Parsons in his Kurtis-Kraft.

Round 4 - Switzerland 1950 Swiss Grand Prix - Bremgarten.[]

In Switzerland, Nino Farina earned an easy victory after his main competitor around this difficult circuit as Juan Manuel Fangio retired. Luigi Fagioli finished second ahead of Louis Rosier in a Talbot-Lago and four Maserti's, Prince Bira and Felice Bonetto scoring the points. The race however would be remembered for a serious crash for French driver Eugène Martin when his Talbot-Lago barrel-rolled.

Round 5 - Belgium 1950 Belgian Grand Prix - Spa-Francorchamps[]

Johnny Claes had crashed his team truck on the way to his home race and was allowed to start from the back after his race car was escorted to the circuit on public roads by night. Raymond Sommer had been dropped by Ferrari after poor pace and raced his Talbot-Lago at Spa. In the race Sommer got passed his former teammates and went off in pursuit of the Alfa Romeo's. As Juan Manuel Fangio pitted for fuel, Sommer lead the race, the first driver to take the fight to Alfa all season. Unfortunately he blew his engine and the race finished Fangio, Luigi Fagioli and Louis Rosier. Nino Farina came home 4th with a struggling car which would be important for the championship.

Round 6 - France 1950 French Grand Prix - Reims[]

The French Grand Prix was disappointing after the excitement of Spa. The Ferrari's were withdrawn after team principle Enzo Ferrari deemed them uncompetitive and the cars of Talbot-Lago and Maserati overheated. Nino Farina retired from the lead of the race leaving Juan Manuel Fangio an easy victory over Luigi Fagioli and Peter Whitehead in his privateer Ferrari who had wowed the crowd after starting from the back and Robert Manzon scoring the first points for Simca-Gordini.

Round 7 - Italy 1950 Italian Grand Prix - Monza[]

Ferrari brought a new improved car to Monza where Alberto Ascari qualified second to Nino Farina. Farina was third in the championship and needed to win. He started well with Ascari in pursuit. When he pitted Ascari took the lead, only the second time this season that an Alfa hadn't lead. Sadly Ascari blew his engine. Juan Manuel Fangio was driving cautiously, cruising to the title when his car also broke down. He took over a teammates car and blew that up too. Farina won the race over Ascari (who had taken over a teammates car) and Luigi Fagioli. Farina was champion.

Team Summary[]

1950 Team Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo 158's

1949 Rosier

Rosier racing a Talbot-Lago in 1949 shone in 1950

1950 2 Ascari

Podium at Monaco for Ascari

1950 Chiron

Apart from a podium, Maserati struggled in 1950

1950 2 Manzon

Gordini debuted at Monaco


In this first World Championship season, 14 teams (4 works and 10 independent) participated, alongside a number of privately entered cars, in the 6 European Grands Prix. Only US teams, constructors and drivers participated in the Indianapolis 500. The chassis, engine and car numbers varied from race to race.

The inaugural World Championship, ran to a formula which specified engine capacity of 1.5 litres supercharged or 4.5 litres unsupercharged.

Alfa Romeo[]

Alfa dominate with their supercharged 158, a well-developed pre-war design, which won all six European Grands Prix. Alfa drivers consequently dominated the championship with Nino Farina edging out Juan Manuel Fangio by virtue of his fourth place in Belgium and Luigi Fagioli in the third Alfa was within contention throughout. Reg Parnell also scored a podium on a guest drive.


The French squad were the most consistent of the other manufacturers represented in the 1950 season, with drivers Louis Rosier, fourth in the championship and Raymond Sommer, after being sacked by Ferrari starring at parts and points finishes for other factory and non-factory drivers.


The Italians had mixed form as they experimented with different engines after starting the season with the Ferrari 125 and would experience mixed fortunes with Alberto Ascari finishing sixth in the championship whilst Luigi Villoresi was unplaced. The Ferrari ended the season strongly with Ferrari 375, an improved packaging fighting the Alfa's for victory at the season ending Monza GP.


Maserati entries struggled with their ageing models, Prince Bira scoring for the Enrico Plate team in what was often a close battle between fellow Maserati drivers for points. José Froilán González qualified third at Monaco for Scuderia Achille Varzi whilst Louis Chiron achieved the marques first podium in the Officine Alfieri Maserati at Monaco. Felice Bonetto also featured, scoring points for the Scuderia Milano team. 


The little French squad scored points with Robert Manzon battling to a points finish at Reims in the Type 15.

ERA and Alta[]

ERA and Alta also featured in private hands, most notably with the brave Brit Bob Gerard.

Although the Indianapolis 500, which ran to different regulations, was included in the championship series until 1960, it attracted very little European participation and, conversely, very few American Indianapolis drivers entered any grand prix.


Race Schedule[]

Round Race Title Grand Prix Circuit Date
1 RAC British Grand Prix British GP Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone May 13
2 Grand Prix Automobile de Monaco Monaco GP Circuit de Monaco, Monte-Carlo May 21
3 Indianapolis International
Motor Sweepstakes
Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis May 30
4 Großer Preis der Schweiz Swiss GP Circuit Bremgarten, Bern June 4
5 Grand Prix de Belgique Belgian GP Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Spa June 18
6 Grand Prix de l'ACF French GP Reims-Gueux, Reims July 2
7 Gran Premio d'Italia Italian GP Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Monza September 3


Round Event Report
Grid Result
1 United Kingdom British Grand Prix Report
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
2 Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
3 United Kingdom [[Reg Parnell]]
Alfa Romeo
1:50.6 on Lap 2
2 Monaco Monaco Grand Prix Report
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
2 Italy [[Alberto Ascari]]
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Argentina [[José Froilán González]]
3 Monaco [[Louis Chiron]]
1:51.0 on Lap ?
3 United States Indianapolis 500 Report
United States [[Walt Faulkner]]
Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser
1 United States [[Johnnie Parsons]]
Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser
Fastest Lap
United States [[Fred Agabashian]]
Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser
2 United States [[Bill Holland]]
United States [[Johnnie Parsons]]
Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser
United States [[Mauri Rose]]
3 United States [[Mauri Rose]]
1:09.77 on Lap ?
4 Switzerland Swiss Grand Prix Report
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
2 Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
3 France [[Louis Rosier]]
2:41.6 on Lap 8
5 Belgium Belgian Grand Prix Report
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
2 Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
3 France [[Louis Rosier]]
4:34.1 on Lap 18
6 France French Grand Prix Report
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
2 Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
3 United Kingdom [[Peter Whitehead]]
2:35.6 on Lap 52
7 Italy Italian Grand Prix Report
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
1 Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
Fastest Lap
Italy [[Alberto Ascari]]
2 Italy [[Dorino Serafini
Italy Alberto Ascari]]
Argentina [[Juan Manuel Fangio]]
Alfa Romeo
Italy [[Giuseppe Farina]]
Alfa Romeo
3 Italy [[Luigi Fagioli]]
Alfa Romeo
2:00.0 on Lap 7

Non-Championship Races[]

Race Name Circuit Date Winning Driver Constructor
XI Pau Grand Prix Pau 10 April Juan Manuel Fangio Maserati
II Richmond Trophy Goodwood 10 April Reg Parnell Maserati
V San Remo Grand Prix Sanremo 16 April Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo
IV Grand Prix de Paris Montlehery 30 April Georges Grignard Talbot-Lago
XII British Empire Trophy Douglas 15 June Bob Gerard ERA
IV Gran Premio di Bari Bari 9 July Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo
IV J.C.C Jersey Road Race Jersey 13 July Peter Whitehead Ferrari
XII Circuit de l'Albigeois Albi 16 July Louis Rosier Talbot-Lago
I Grote Prijs van Nerderland Zandvoort 23 July Louis Rosier Talbot-Lago
III Grand Prix des Nations Geneve 30 July Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo
I Nottingham Trophy Gamston 7 August David Hampshire Maserati
IV Ulster Trophy Dundrod 12 August Peter Whitehead Ferrari
XIX Copper Acerbo Pescara 15 August Juan Manuel Fangio Alfa Romeo
I Sheffield Telegraph Trophy Gamston 19 August Cuth Harrison ERA
II BRDC International Trophy Silverstone 26 August Giuseppe Farina Alfa Romeo
III Goodwood Trophy Goodwood 30 September Reg Parnell BRM
X Gran Premio de Penya Rhin Pedralbes 29 October Alberto Ascari Ferrari

Teams and Drivers[]

The following teams and drivers competed in the 1950 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Driver line-ups[]

Team Constructor Chasis Engine Tyre Drivers Non-Championship Drivers
Italy Alfa Romeo SpA

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo P Italy Giuseppe Farina
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Italy Luigi Fagioli
United Kingdom Reg Parnell
Italy Consalvo Sanesi
Italy Piero Taruffi
Italy Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari 125
Ferrari P Italy Alberto Ascari
Italy Luigi Villoresi
France Raymond Sommer
Italy Dorino Serafini
France Automobile Talbot-Darracq Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Yves Giraud-Cabantous
France Eugène Martin
France Louis Rosier
France Philippe Étancelin
France Raymond Sommer
Italy Officine Alfieri Maserati Maserati 4CLT/48
Maserati P Monaco Louis Chiron
Italy Franco Rol
Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio
Switzerland Enrico Platé
France Equipe Simca-Gordini Simca-Gordini Type 15 Gordini E France Maurice Trintignant
France Robert Manzon
United Kingdom English Racing Automobiles ERA E-Type ERA D United Kingdom Leslie Johnson
Italy Scuderia Ambrosiana Maserati 4CLT/48 Maserati D United Kingdom David Murray
United Kingdom David Hampshire
United Kingdom Reg Parnell
United Kingdom Peter Walker ERA E-Type ERA D United Kingdom Peter Walker
United Kingdom Tony Rolt
United Kingdom Joe Fry Maserati 4CL Maserati D United Kingdom Joe Fry
United Kingdom Brian-Shawe Taylor
United Kingdom TC Harrison ERA C-Type ERA D United Kingdom Cuth Harrison
United Kingdom FR Gerard ERA A-Type
ERA D United Kingdom Bob Gerard
France Ecurie Rosier Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Louis Rosier
France Henri Louveau
France Philippe Étancelin Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Philippe Étancelin
Belgium Ecurie Belge Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D Belgium Johnny Claes
Switzerland Enrico Plate Maserati 4CLT/48 Maserati P Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried
Thailand B Bira
Italy Scuderia Milano Maserati
Milano 1
Maserati P Italy Felice Bonetto
Italy Franco Comotti
Ireland Joe Kelly Alta Alta GP Alta D Ireland Joe Kelly
United Kingdom Geoffrey Crossley Alta Alta GP Alta D United Kingdom Geoffrey Crossley
United Kingdom Raymond Mays ERA D-Type ERA D United Kingdom Raymond Mays
ItalyScuderia Achille Varzi Maserati 4CLT/48
Maserati P Argentina José Froilán González
Switzerland Antonio Branca
Italy Nello Pagani
United States Horschell Racing Corporation Cooper T12 JAP D United States Harry Schell
SwitzerlandEcurie Espadon SVA 1500 FIAT P Switzerland Rudi Fischer
United States Ecurie Bleue Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D United States Harry Schell
France Ecurie Letita Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Eugène Chaboud
France Pierre Levegh Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Pierre Levegh
United Kingdom Peter Whitehead



Ferrari D United Kingdom Peter Whitehead United Kingdom Graham Whitehead
France Raymond Sommer Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Raymond Sommer
Switzerland Antonio Branca Maserati 4CL Maserati P Switzerland Antonio Branca
France Charles Pozzi Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Charles Pozzi
Italy Clemente Biondetti Ferrari 166S Jaguar P Italy Clemente Biondetti
Germany Paul Pietsch Maserati 4CLT/48 Maserati P Germany Paul Pietsch
France Guy Mairesse Talbot-Lago T26C Talbot-Lago D France Guy Mairesse
United Kingdom Archie J. Butterworth AJB ? Duesenberg D United KingdomArchie J. Butterworth
United Kingdom Brian-Shawe Taylor ERA B-Type ERA D United Kingdom Brian-Shawe Taylor
United Kingdom John Heath HWM ? Alta D United Kingdom George Abecassis
United Kingdom Charles Murray Maserati 4CL Maserati P United Kingdom Colin Murray
United Kingdom Rob Walker Racing Team Delage 15S8 Delage D United Kingdom Tony Rolt
United Kingdom Gordon Watson Alta F2 Alta D United Kingdom Gordon Watson

1950 Drivers Championship final standings[]

Pos. Driver Flag of the United Kingdom Flag of Monaco 48-star U S flag Flag of Switzerland Flag of Belgium Flag of France Flag of Italy Pts.
1st Italy Giuseppe Farina 1stP Ret DNA 1st 4thP 7th 1st 30
2nd Argentina Juan Manuel Fangio Ret 1stP RetP 1st 1stP RetP
3rd Italy Luigi Fagioli 2nd Ret 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 24 (28)
4th France Louis Rosier 5th Ret 3rd 3rd 6th 4th 13
5th Italy Alberto Ascari 2nd Ret 5th 2nd 11
6th United States Johnnie Parsons 1st 9
7th United States Bill Holland 2nd 6
8th Thailand Prince Bira Ret 5th 4th Ret 5
9th United Kingdom Peter Whitehead 3rd 7th 4
= Monaco Louis Chiron Ret 3rd 9th Ret Ret 4
= United Kingdom Reg Parnell 3rd Ret 4
= United States Mauri Rose 3rd 4
13th Italy Dorino Serafini 2nd 3
14th France Yves Giraud-Cabantous 4th Ret Ret 8th 3
= France Raymond Sommer 4th Ret Ret Ret Ret 3
= France Robert Manzon Ret 4th Ret 3
= United States Cecil Green 4th 3
18th France Philippe Étancelin 8th Ret Ret Ret 5th 5th 3
19th Italy Felice Bonetto 5th Ret Ret 2
20th France Eugène Chaboud Ret 5th 1
21st United States Joie Chitwood 5th 1
= United States Tony Bettenhausen 5th
Switzerland Toulo de Graffenried Ret Ret 6th 6th 0
United Kingdom Bob Gerard 6th 6th 0
Italy Luigi Villoresi Ret Ret 6th 0
United States Lee Wallard 6th 0
France Charles Pozzi 6th 0
Belgium Johnny Claes 11th 7th 10th 8th Ret Ret 0
United Kingdom Cuth Harrison 7th Ret Ret 0
France Pierre Levegh 7th Ret Ret 0
United States Walt Faulkner 7thP 0
Italy Nello Pagani 7th 0
United States Harry Schell Ret 8th 0
United States George Connor 8th 0
United Kingdom Geoff Crossley NC 9th 0
United Kingdom David Hampshire 9th Ret 0
United Kingdom Paul Russo 9th 0
Switzerland Toni Branca 11th 10th 0
United States Pat Flaherty 10th 0
United Kingdom Brian Shawe-Taylor 10th 0
United Kingdom Joe Fry 10th 0
United States Myron Fohr 11th 0
United States Duane Carter 12th 0
United States Mack Hellings 13th 0
United States Jack McGrath 14th 0
United States Troy Ruttman 15th 0
United States Gene Hartley 16th 0
United States Jimmy Davies 17th 0
United States Johnny McDowell 18th 0
United States Walt Brown 19th 0
United States Spider Webb 20th 0
United States Jerry Hoyt 21st 0
United States Walt Ader 22nd 0
United States Jackie Holmes 23rd 0
United States Jim Rathmann 24th 0
Ireland Joe Kelly NC 0
Italy Franco Rol Ret DNA Ret Ret 0
France Eugène Martin Ret Ret 0
Argentina José Froilán González Ret Ret 0
United Kingdom David Murray Ret Ret 0
France Maurice Trintignant Ret Ret 0
United Kingdom Leslie Johnson Ret 0
United Kingdom Peter Walker Ret 0
United Kingdom Tony Rolt Ret 0
United States Henry Banks Ret 0
United States Bill Schlinder Ret 0
United States Fred Agabashian Ret
United States Jimmy Jackson Ret 0
United States Sam Hanks Ret 0
United States Dick Rathmann Ret 0
United States Duke Dinsmore Ret 0
United States Bayliss Levrett Ret 0
United States Bill Cantrell Ret 0
France Guy Mairesse Ret 0
Germany Paul Pietsch Ret 0
Italy Clemente Biondetti Ret 0
France Henri Louveau Ret 0
Italy Franco Comotti Ret 0
Italy Consalvo Sanesi Ret 0
Italy Piero Taruffi DNA Ret 0
Argentina Alfredo Pián DNS 0
Symbol Meaning Symbol Meaning
1st Winner Ret Retired
2nd Podium finish DSQ Disqualified
3rd DNQ Did not qualify
5th Points finish DNPQ Did not pre-qualify
14th Non-points finish TD Test driver
Italics Fastest Lap DNS Did not start
18th Classified finish (retired with >90% race distance) NC Non-classified finish (<90% race distance)
4thP Qualified for pole position [+] More Symbols
  • Position shared between multiple drivers of the same car
  • Fastest lap earns 1 point
  • Only the best 4 results counted towards the Championship. Numbers without parentheses are Championship points; numbers in parentheses are total points scored.


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